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Glanbia Nutritionals Showcasing Pet Treat Ingredients at Pet Food Forum 2022

Come see us at Booth #935 to experience two innovative ingredient solutions for Pet Treats – EdiSparklz® edible glitter and PetFlax™ Omega-3 Brown fine milled flaxseed.  

EdiSparklz are colorful toppings or inclusions. The glitter is a fun and unexpected way to provide color and shapes to treats, catching consumer attention and/or providing visual cues for humans to signify the ingredients within the treats. We will be demonstrating EdiSparklz two ways – as toppings on cookies for human consumption (to demonstrate how they could be applied to treats) and in a viscous solution (to demonstrate how they could be used in toppers, gels, and pastes like toothpaste).

PetFlax Omega-3 Brown is a fine milled flaxseed designed to provide exceptional texture to finished applications while delivering ALA Omega 3, protein, and fiber. The ingredient is well suited for treats, kibble, supplements, pouches, and canned foods.  We will be demonstrating PetFlax Omega-3 Brown in a Peanut Butter Pumpkin pet treat.

In addition to these two ingredients, Glanbia Nutritionals offers a wide range of ingredients for use in kibble, treats, and supplements including:

  • Bioactive Ingredients
  • Custom Premix Solutions
  • Flavors
  • Functionally Optimized Nutrients
  • Micronutrients
  • Mold Inhibitors
  • Proteins

Stop by Booth #935 to discuss your target consumer’s needs and how our ingredient solutions can address your formulation and processing challenges to create a winning product. We’d love to catch up with our current customers and make new connections! 

Learn more about Pet Food Forum here.

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