Let’s Meet at Expo West

Stop by our booth #1045 in Hall A at Natural Products Expo West 2024 March 14-16 to see our latest energy ingredient solutions for the energy products today’s active consumers are looking for.


  • Our booth’s theme at Expo West 2024 is “Ingredient Solutions for Optimized Energy.”
  • Consumers are interested in energy plus performance benefits like brain health, immunity support, and mental focus. 
  • OptiATPTM is a new nonstimulant performance energy ingredient optimized for high acid beverages. 

Our Focus at Expo West 2024: Optimized Energy Solutions

We’re excited to be attending Expo West 2024! This year, we’ll be showcasing ingredients and prototypes around an extremely important wellness topic: energy. One in three Americans is struggling with their energy levels,1 a problem with both mental and physical impacts that hinder people from feeling and performing their best.

Many of these consumers are seeking energy solutions beyond the typical caffeine boost. They want products that can deliver energy to support an active lifestyle and in the formats that are most convenient for them. To support this growing need, the theme of our booth this year is Ingredient Solutions for Optimized Energy.

Strong Consumer Interest in Energy Products

Consumers have different needs they’re looking to fill from energy products. Some want a quick burst when their energy levels dip or when they need to perform both physically and mentally for a short period of time. While others seek more sustained energy to optimize their physical or mental focus for a longer duration. 

For performance-related claims on products, US consumers are interested in:2

  • Energy (81%)
  • Endurance (61%)
  • Muscle Recovery (59%)
  • Muscle Gain (53%)

Our New Energy Ingredient: Optimized ATP

At Expo West, we’ll be featuring a new energy ingredient that addresses the strong consumer interest in performance claims led by energy. We’re thrilled to be launching our OptiATP™Optimized ATP To Fuel the Body to help our customers meet one of today’s biggest trends.

Adenosine 5-triphosphate (ATP) is the primary source of cellular energy for all living things. As a supplement, ATP acts as a non-stimulant energy source. Our new OptiATP is powered by PeakATP®, a bioidentical form of ATP which has three US patents and numerous human clinical studies showing benefits in supporting athletic performance, skeletal muscle growth, and recovery. 


The demand for ATP increases up to 1,000-fold during exercise, and ATP turnover can limit high-intensity performance. This is why OptiATP offers more than just energy. It also fuels performance. The small effective dose of OptiATP allows brands to easily include ATP in formulations with additional beneficial ingredients. OptiATP is optimized through our patented NutraShield™ encapsulation technology, which allows its use in convenient low pH/high acide ready-to-drink beverages like energy and sports products.

Explore Glanbia Nutritionals’ Array of Energy Solutions

While OptiATPTM is the latest addition to our energy ingredient line up, we’ll have our full range of energy solutions on display at the show. Our solutions are perfect for a variety of applications, including ready-to-drink beverages, ready-to-mix powders, bars, and supplements.

See You at the Show

We look forward to seeing you at the show! Stop by our booth to say hello and learn more about our energy ingredients like OptiATP. Glanbia Nutritionals also offers a broad range of cheeses, custom premix solutions, bakery ingredients, bioactive ingredients, edible films, Flavors by Foodarom®, micronutrients, plant-based solutions, proteins, and TechVantage™ functionally optimized nutrient technologies.

Learn more about what’s in store at Natural Products Expo West 2024.


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2. FMCG Gurus, Sports Nutrition Survey - USA, Q3 2023.

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