Granulation is a process of forming single particles from multiple small and large particles, allowing them to be more easily compressible, become more soluble in liquid or to improve the flowability of a powder.

For Powder Drink Mix Formulations

Agglomeration “instantizes” the powder or makes it more dispersible. This involves rewetting the finished powder with a material (soy or sunflower lecithin), allowing the fine particles to stick together to create a much larger particle. When liquid is added, the particle’s large surface area increases its solubility, allowing it to dissolve faster.

For Compressible Tablet Formulations 

Granulation and Agglomeration creates a more free-flowing powder. Consistency in physical properties such as flowability, particle size distribution, and compression profile are critical when producing a compressible tablet.

We know the issues that are critical to tableting.  Consistency in physical properties such as flowability, particle size distribution, and compression profile, are critical when selecting your directly compressible vitamins, minerals, botanicals and herbals.  With our process we can assure:

  • Highest bulk density
  • Free-flowing
  • Consistent particle size distribution
  • Consistently superior compression profile
  • Improved tablet characteristics
  • Allows for smaller sizes (higher dosage, fewer excipients)
  • Minimal yield losses
  • Higher productivity (tablet press speeds)
  • Excellent tablet stability
  • Versatility in formulation
  • High carrying capacity
  • Quality controlled
  • Improved disintegration
  • Less friability
  • Reduced capping, laminating and picking
  • Improved tablet hardness

All of our directly compressible products are put through a rigorous physical evaluation for bulk density, flowability, compression profile, and particle size.  Trial tablets are made and tested for hardness, dissolution, and friability. A complete analytical evaluation of each product is also performed to guarantee potency.  Each lot is accompanied by a complete Certificate of Analysis from our analytical 

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