The History of EdiSparklz: The Original Food Grade Edible Glitter

Maybe some of you have seen pictures and posts about “Edible Glitter” on the internet. If you haven’t, a quick Google search reveals regular craft glitter being used on food products, and in beverages and ice cubes. People are selling craft glitter and implying it can be used on food because the label says it is 'non-toxic'. But it’s just not the same!

Back around 1960, John Watson created Edible Glitter at his new startup company, Polymer Films. Later that company would become Watson Inc and in 2019 be acquired by Glanbia Nutritionals, who are proudly carrying on the Watson tradition.

Glanbia Nutritionals still makes Edible Glitter, now called EdiSparklz® in West Haven CT.  A simple recipe with a dash of technology and food-grade ingredients, our standard edible glitter flakes are made from Gum Arabic, which is the sap of the Gum Acacia tree, and a food coloring. EdiSparklz Edible Glitter is made under strict quality programs making them true food products. Not only do we make EdiSparklz, we also supply ingredients to leading companies in the supplement, food & beverage companies globally. 

Our distinct colors are based on industry accepted FD&C, EU, metallic and plant-based colors.  These colors are the ones that consumers usually call “natural colors” while keeping in mind there is no legal food-industry definition for the word "natural." Examples of what most people refer to when they say natural colors would include black carrot juice, cabbage juice, red radish, turmeric (the spice), etc. 

edible glitter

Consumers globally are discovering the excitement of decorating with a wide range of magical-looking, colorful glitter products that are formulated specifically for food and beverage consumption. In this increasingly digital age, social media has become a big influence on purchase decisions, creating a market for colorful food and drinks that are eye catching.

A growing number of today's consumers are looking for foods and beverages free from artificial colors and other ingredients that they cannot pronounce. EdiSparklz contain no sugar and no partially hydrogenated vegetable oil, providing a great compliment for Keto, Paleo, Whole 30 and other nutritional lifestyle regimens. They are also allergen-free and do not contain any of the ingredients that appear on the USDA Bioengineered Food list. They are a colorful topping and inclusion that the whole family can feel good about.

We’re working to spread the glitter and the fun by helping food, beverage and nutraceutical companies add edible glitter into their products. With the rise of Instagram and TikTok, everyone is looking for an opportunity engage with consumers online. 

If you’re interested in how EdiSparklz can take your product to the next level, check out our website. We’d love to glamourize your product with a true original. 

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