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ASPAC Nutrition Bar Market Trends for 2022

Concerns over staying healthy combined with the need for convenient food options is supporting growth in Asia Pacific’s nutrition bar market. The 2022 nutrition bar market trends to know encompass both health and sensory appeal.


Current trends in the ASPAC nutrition bar market include:

  • Protein fortification
  • Added nutrients
  • Texture 

Overview of ASPAC Nutrition Bar Market

In Asia Pacific (ASPAC), Japan and Australia make up the largest markets in the region for both high-protein bars1 and snack bars.2 However, market dynamics are shifting due to the high growth in bars underway in China.

In China, consumers have become increasingly interested in snacks that offer a nutritional boost, such as added protein or vitamins. Even snack bar brands are catering to the demand for healthier options, with over one-third of ASPAC new product launches of cereal, energy, and snack bars making high or added protein claims.3

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2022 Trends in ASPAC Nutrition Bar Market

A look at the current trends in the ASPAC nutrition bar market will help brands develop bars that address consumers’ top concerns and preferences.

1. High Protein

ASPAC’s high-protein retail bar market is forecast to reach $1.1 billion in 2025, up from $578 million in 2015 (CAGR 6.4%, 2015-2025).4 China, with a forecast CAGR of 22.8%, is expected to surpass Australia in sales in 2024, grabbing the number two spot.5 With 70% of Chinese adults saying protein helps improve immunity,6 bars with added protein directly address consumers’ pandemic concerns.

ASPAC High Protein Bars Market Growth Forecast by Leading Countries

Country Retail Value 2020 Est. Retail Value 2025 Est. CAGR 2015-2025
Japan $562 million $585 million 0.7%
Australia $252 million $291 million 2.9%
China $124 million $346 million 22.8%
South Korea $24 million $40 million 10.1%
Source: Euromonitor Passport, April 2021

2. Other Healthy Nutrients

Bars with other healthy nutrients such as vitamins and fiber are also in high demand in ASPAC. Besides protein, vitamins score high among Chinese consumers for supporting a healthy immune system.7 Due to the link between poor digestion and weakened immunity, fiber is another sought-after ingredient. Even bars positioned as protein bars (like ffit8’s new Mango and Orange Fitness Protein Bar) are making high-fiber claims.


3. Crunchy Texture

In looking at sensory appeal, crunchy is the most popular texture right now among ASPAC new product launches in the protein-fortified snacks and cereals category.8 This market preference for crunchy over soft, chewy textures represents an important shift that’s occurred over the past five years.

Building the Perfect Bar

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