Discover new Market and Consumer trends.

The Evolution of Plant-Based Milks

With an impressive 20% growth in 2020, it seems that plant-based milk is solidifying its place in American refrigerators.1 Though almond, soy, and coconut milks…

Trends to Watch in Bioactives for 2021

Research into bioactives continues to expand opportunities in functional foods and beverages. Check out 2021’s top trends in bioactives for food and beverage.

"Whatever the occasion, the pandemic brought those on-the-go moments to a halt. With many more people at home, we saw a shift in products that were nutritionally focused to be a little bit more indulgent."

Niki Kennedy

Sr. Strategic Insights & Analytics Manager


The Rise of High Protein

High protein foods have expanded beyond the shakes and bars loved by competitive athletes into mainstream snacks and meals for all consumers. Catalina Crunch…

Meatless "Meat" Trends for 2021

Plant-based meats got an unexpected boost last year when meat shortages forced consumers to explore alternatives. Taste, variety, and sustainability have kept…

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