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Consumers Want More Cheese

There is a real opportunity for the cheese industry to drive new growth in the category, as consumers seek more nutrition, flavor, and snack options.

Dairy Foods just published the State of the Cheese Industry 2017 results and we couldn’t agree more. Cheese is answering many consumer needs, and cheese processors doubled down last year when it came to cheese and portion packaging. Growth is good as market analyst see packaging as just one of the opportunities. “Cheese has a real opportunity to deliver on health and nutrition positioning, as well as new formats and flavors. Cheese isn’t just cheese in a meal or sandwich anymore, it’s a healthy snack or an indulgent treat with the ability to tell the great stories behind the products, ” Kat Crozier, Marketing Manager Cheese at Glanbia Nutritionals.

The cheese research scientists at Glanbia Nutritionals’ are driving the category forward even further with products like protein enhanced natural cheese as well as ensuring quality milk sources for cheese allow for claims around organic, kosher and halal needs. “It’s an exciting time right now around new formats, new flavors, clean label, health and nutrition. There’s a lot of room to do more with cheese and that gets us up every day,” Dave Perry, Senior Director Cheese Research and Development.

State of the Industry 2017: Consumers say more cheese, please. With an influx of innovative snacking options, convenient packaging, specialty cheeses and unique flavors, the cheese category claims the most creative title this year.

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