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Exploring New Flavors through Snacks

Consumers are turning to snacks to try out new and interesting flavors. See what’s grabbing their attention right now and explore the top emerging flavor trends in snacks.


  • One-third of consumers experiment with new flavors through snacks.
  • Top snack flavors include cheese, chili, barbecue, and onion.
  • Flavor trends in snacks range from Southeast Asian flavors to branded flavors.

Consumers Favor Snack Category for Flavor Exploration

New research shows one in three consumers is most likely to experiment with flavors in the snack category.1 This is particularly true for Millennials and Gen Z, though Gen X also shows substantial interest in snacks with new and global flavors. 

One snack market to watch for global flavor inspiration is the US, where 27% of consumers report an interest in snacks with international flavors.2


Trending Flavors in Snacks

While cheese, chili, barbecue, and onion remain top flavors in global snack launches, snacks flavored with spices have seen the fastest growth in the past five years,3 indicating an uptick in more creative seasoning approaches by brands.

To continue engaging and exciting consumers, snack brands can tap into this desire to explore new flavors through snacks by considering these emerging flavor trends:

South and Southeast Asian Flavors

Among snacks with ethnic flavors, launches with South Asian flavors (like the aromatic warm spice blends of India) grew by six percentage points in five years, while Southeast Asian flavors rose by nine percentage points.4


Southeast Asian flavors include flavors from Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines—often bold, citrusy, herby blends of ingredients like kaffir lime, lemongrass, galangal, coconut, cilantro, Thai basil, and chilis.


Umami flavors are also expanding their reach. While meats, soups, and sauces are favorites for those craving umami, 7% of consumers report seeking umami from savory snacks more in the past year.5

Umami, known as the fifth taste, is a rich, meaty/brothy flavor imparted by the amino acid glutamate and ribonucleotides. Umami flavors that can add depth and savoriness to snacks include olive, parmesan, fermented soy, and mushroom.

Branded Flavors

Capitalizing on popular branded flavors is a trend in North America to watch. 29% of US consumers express an interest in snacks with flavors from other brands, such as popcorn flavored with Tabasco.6

In Mexico, PepsiCo swapped its own beloved snack flavors in a product launch marketed as “switch de sabores” (flavor switch). The line includes Ruffles with Cheetos Torciditos flavor and Sabritas with Doritos flavor.

Emerging Florals

For sweet snacks, certain floral flavors may be on the rise. Hibiscus and rose/rosewater are emerging in frozen snacks in fine dining, indicating a flavor trend at its inception phase.7


There is also growing interest in honeysuckle, with some chefs embracing it as a next-generation elderflower. While floral flavors are showcased especially well in frozen snacks and beverages, they can also be used in sweet bakery snacks and bars. 

Explore the Flavor Possibilities

Get inspired with Glanbia Nutritionals’ innovative portfolio of flavors by Foodarom. From spicy, umami, and cheese flavors for savory snacks to floral, fruity, and indulgent flavors for sweet treats, we have flavors your consumers will love. We can also design a flavor unique to your product. 

Contact us to discuss new flavor possibilities for your brand and our other snack solutions.


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