What Is a Micronutrient Premix?

What Is a Micronutrient Premix?

Using a micronutrient premix can save a company time and money, simplify processes, and even lead to a better finished product. 

What Is a Micronutrient?

A micronutrient is a nutrient the body needs in only very small quantities. Common examples of micronutrients are vitamins and minerals. The daily recommended intake for an essential vitamin or mineral is so small that it’s often measured in milligrams or micrograms. Compare this to macronutrients such as carbohydrates, protein, and fat, which are measured in grams.

What Is a Micronutrient Premix?

A micronutrient premix is a blend of micronutrients that have been mixed to the correct proportion for use in a product. Often the proportion is based on achieving specific % Daily Values on a nutrition or supplement panel. A micronutrient premix might contain just a few micronutrients or as many as twenty and can also include ingredients such as botanicals and bioactives.

Where Are Micronutrient Premixes Used?

Micronutrient premixes are commonly used in supplements, as well as in infant formula, clinical nutrition, and sports nutrition products. The range of micronutrients and proportions that premixes can provide allows them to target the needs of very different consumer segments such as children, seniors, and athletes.

What Is a Micronutrient Premix?

Advantages of Micronutrient Premixes

Using a micronutrient premix has many advantages over formulating with individual nutrients. It reduces the number of raw materials that have to be ordered, warehoused, verified by QC staff, and weighed out during production, which saves on time and labor costs. It also eliminates costly scaling errors.

Working with a premix supplier also brings access to experts in premix formulation. This provides a lot of value in cases where ingredient interaction or solubility may be a problem since they can recommend solutions like microencapsulation upfront. Besides providing off-the-shelf premixes, a premix supplier may also offer custom premixes to meet a brand’s unique needs and help them stand out from the competition.

Your Premix Partner

As a global expert in custom premix solutions, we work with our customers at any stage of product development to support the best outcome for the company’s product, process, and brand. Contact us to learn more about our global premix capabilities.

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