Heat Stable to Make Your Beverages TOATALLY AMAZING

The growing popularity of oat drinks is undeniable. They are showing outstanding growth across Europe with product launches up 37% in the last year*.  From breakfast beverages to barista-inspired coffee creations, drink makers are racing to keep up with demand.

But what are the limitations for manufacturers making oat beverages that require heat processing? Available oat ingredients for beverages can’t stand the heat and congeal in typical processing conditions.

Free yourself from the limits of existing oat ingredients. Now you can deliver the oat drinks consumers crave - silky, pourable texture and elevated nutrition. BevOat Low Viscosity is specifically designed to make your RTD oat beverages TOATALLY AMAZING.

BevOat Low Viscosity (LV) is Specifically Designed to Make RTD Beverages TOATALLY AMAZING

  • Heat stable in ready-to-drink beverages
  • Remains fluid and pourable through High Pressure Processing (HPP) and Ultra-High Temperature processing (UHT) 
  • Nutritionally rich – performs at inclusion rates up to 15% (available ingredients congeal at inclusion rates as low as 3%)
  • Naturally rich in fibre and beta glucans
  • Silky, smooth mouth-feel, clean oaty flavour
  • Food-safe: low heavy metals and micro stability process control step

See the Difference

How do we know BevOat Low Viscosity performs better? The proof is in the pudding!  Watch this comparison video and see for yourself.

Truly Gluten Free

  • Guaranteed gluten free – <10ppm gluten
  • Glanbia's OatPure™ gluten-free oats guarantee a remarkably high level of protection from seed to end product.
  • Guaranteeing fewer than 10 parts per million (ppm) gluten, OatPure™ gluten-free oats exceed industry specifications and offer complete gluten-free integrity. Glanbia’s exceptional standards and tightly secured processing methods ensure that the risk of contamination is eliminated to produce pure and fully traceable gluten-free oats. 
  • Glanbia’s fully owned, NSF certified 14 step OatSecure™ closed loop supply chain process guarantees a remarkably high level of protection from seed to end product, providing manufacturers with peace of mind and absolute assurance of the provenance of the ingredient.

Contact us for more BevOat Low Viscosity information, samples and market-ready concepts!

*2019 05 Mintel GNPD

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