Healthy Aging Ingredient Solutions

Healthy Aging Ingredient Solutions

Consumers’ attitudes towards aging are rapidly changing from a fear of the future to embracing healthy lifestyles and prioritizing physical and mental health through each stage of life. 

Ageless Vitality: Empowering A Proactive Approach on the Journey of Healthy Aging

Consumers’ attitudes towards aging are rapidly changing from a fear of the future to embracing healthy lifestyles and prioritizing physical and mental health through each stage of life. With the right mindset and support, healthy aging is not only possible but incredibly empowering. Over 78% of consumers say that healthy aging is important to them.1 According to Innova Market Insights, the majority in each of the Gen Z, Millennial, Gen X, and Boomer generations say that they would take steps towards healthy aging at their current age.1 Consumers are taking a more proactive approach and embracing attitudes, habits, and behaviors that will make a positive difference in their health as they age through life. 

Healthy aging means staying active and energized through all phases of life, so the sooner we start, the better.

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A Generational Focus – Gen Z and Millennials

The paradigm of aging has shifted from solely focusing on middle-aged and elderly consumers worried about cardiovascular, bone, joint, and brain health to a new focus on proactive, healthy aging among younger demographics focused on prioritizing all aspects of physical and mental health. Rather than waiting until later stages of life to address health concerns, younger consumers are taking charge of their well-being now. This shift reflects a broader cultural trend towards proactive self-care and a desire to optimize health at every stage of life.

In Glanbia Nutritional’s Attitude & Usage Study focused on health and wellness, 38% of Gen Z consumers stated they believe in embracing the aging process and growing older gracefully with 35% of Millennial consumers sharing the same sentiment.2 This attitude of embracing vs. fighting the aging process correlates with health and wellness taking top priority for the two younger cohorts. In the same survey, 39% of Gen Z and 58% of Millennials reported health and wellness being their top priority. Gen Z and Millennials are specifically focused on behaviors that will improve and maintain their physical and mental health, reducing and keeping stress levels under control, and ensuring proper amount of quality sleep.

These younger generations are rewriting the playbook on aging by prioritizing their health in a variety of ways. From physical activity, mindful eating, and mental wellness to challenging beauty standards and embracing self-love, they aim not just to prolong life but to enhance its quality, ensuring they grow older with vitality and resilience. 

Key Aging Factors for Consumers – Physical Health, Emotional Wellbeing, and Cognitive Clarity

With a variety of health factors to focus on as consumers move throughout stages of their life, both physical and mental health continue to be at the top of the priority list for all generations. Consumers are understanding the positive impact nourishing both physical and mental health can have on quality of life and longevity. These areas of focus are multi-faceted and consumers are adopting holistic approaches to fully support their overall well-being through every step of life’s journey.

In Innova’s Trends Insider, Gen Z, Millennials, and Gen X consumers all cited staying physically active as the most important aspect of healthy aging.1 Physical health not only encompasses physical activity and exercise but also more measurable physical health markers like cardiovascular health and weight management that can be affected by physical exercise. Almost half of Americans say they are currently trying to lose weight - a major motivation for incorporating physical exercise into daily habits and routines. Other motivations for incorporating physical exercise into daily life include stress reduction, supporting heart health, maintaining/building muscle, and increasing overall fitness levels.2

In addition to physical health, consumers across all age groups are recognizing the vital importance of prioritizing mental health and emotional wellbeing. From Gen Z to Boomers, there’s a growing understanding that mental/emotional wellbeing is just as crucial as physical health. Twenty-five percent of consumers aged 18-35 are currently suffering from stress & anxiety.2 When looking at reported stress levels throughout multiple life stages, it’s clear that the most stressful times tend to occur between 20 and 50 years old with levels trending down after that point.2 To nurture their mental and emotional health, individuals are including various behaviors into their daily routines. Activities like meditation and yoga can support relaxation and stress reduction while focusing on setting boundaries, creating work-life balance, and even seeking therapy can be proactive steps towards emotional wellness.

Although not as strong of a focus among younger generations, a key part of healthy aging for older generations is cognitive clarity and overall brain function. As of 2023, approximately 55 million people worldwide were estimated to be living with dementia according to The World Health Organization.3 When it comes to long-term cognitive health, small changes may make a big difference. Activities and behaviors that support overall physical and mental wellbeing also help to promote brain health as individuals get older. Things like physical exercise, incorporating healthy foods into the diet, staying connected socially and managing stress can all have a positive impact on an individual’s cognitive abilities. Additionally, being intellectually engaged may also benefit the brain. Some scientists have argued that activities such as reading, completing puzzles, playing games, volunteering, and continuing to learn new things may help the brain remain more adaptable and flexible as age-related brain changes occur.4 

Consumers have many different health priorities as they progress through different life stages but as they think about aging, all generations are prioritizing different aspects of mental and physical health in a variety of ways. 

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Why Nutrition Matters for Healthy Aging

As we age, our bodies undergo various changes, including decreased muscle mass, reduced bone density, and changes in metabolism. Proper nutrition becomes crucial to support the body through these changes and to maintain overall health and well-being. Nutrient dense whole foods and high-quality supplements can help address specific concerns associated with aging, such as cognitive health, joint health, muscular maintenance, and cardiovascular health. 

When it comes to ingredients, consumers are wanting to add more of the “good” stuff like berries and leafy green vegetables while consuming less of the “bad” stuff like sugar and alcohol. In Glanbia Nutritional’s Health and Wellness Survey, around 56% of consumers stated they are trying to reduce the amount of sugar and increase the amount of protein in their diet.   Consumers are also looking to add functional benefits to their food and beverages through quality supplementation of proteins, vitamins, minerals, bioactives, and adaptogens.2 

Regardless of age or gender, nutrition is a huge part of any healthy aging journey and Glanbia Nutritionals has a portfolio packed with ingredients to support healthy aging from within. Encouraging increased vitality, resilience, and overall well-being at every stage of life, Glanbia Nutritionals is the ideal partner for high-quality, scientific product formulation and ingredient solutions. 

Check out our solutions for healthy aging here:

Glanbia Nutritionals’ Solutions to Support Healthy Aging

Our Solutions

Healthy Aging Bioactives

Learn more about our healthy aging bioactives


Dairy-Based Proteins

Learn more about our dairy-based proteins


Plant-Based Proteins

  • BevChia™ Protein
  • CuisineChia™ Protein
  • HarvestPro® Proteins
  • ProFam® Pea Protein 580
  • SnackFlax™ Protein

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Dairy and Plant-Based Functional Proteins

Learn more about our dairy and plant-based functional proteins


Plant-Based Solutions

  • BevFlax™
  • BevOat™ LV
  • SnackChia™
  • SnackFlax™
  • CuisineFlax™
  • CuisineChia™

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Glanbia Nutritionals Cheese

  • Affordable Artisan Cheeses
  • Barrels (for processing)
  • Blended Cheeses
  • Cheeses for Aging
  • Classic Cheeses
  • Flavors & Inclusions Platform
  • Health & Wellness Cheeses
  • Organic Cheeses

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Micronutrient & Custom Premix Solutions

  • Custom Premix Solutions
  • All N® Premix Formulas
    • Healthy aging-related formulas
      • Immunity
      • Vitamin blend 10% DV
      • Micro mineral blend 
        10% DV
      • Macro mineral blend 
        10% DV
      • Cognition 
      • Beauty
      • Stress
      • Vitamin B complex
      • Bone
  • Techvantage® Functionally Optimized Nutrient Technologies 
    • NutraShield® Micronencapsulations
      • KSM-66® Ashwagandha
      • Choline Bitartrate 
      • D-Calcium
      • Niacinamide 
      • …and more
    • UniTrit® Triturations 
      • Potassium Iodide
      • Sodium Molybdate 
      • Vitamin B12
      • Vitamin K1
      • …and more
    • GranulPlex® Granulations 
      • Arginine
      • Calcium carbonate 
      • Ascorbic acid
      • Glucosamine
      • …and more
  • Standard-Form Micronutrients

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Flavors by Foodarom®

  • Fruity Flavors
  • Botanical Flavors
  • Sweet Flavors
  • Fantasy Flavors
  • Alcoholic Flavors
  • Dairy Flavors
  • Vanilla Flavors
  • Flavor Solutions

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Edible Films

  • EdiSparklz® Edible Glitter

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