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Early Life Nutrition – Little Pick-Me-Ups

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Little Pick-Me-Ups

This stage of early life nutrition focuses on the nutritional needs of infants 9-12 months of age. In this stage, parents can introduce more solid foods and animal dairy, like cheese and yogurt, to their child’s diet as teeth are starting to come through and many little ones are newly on the move. This stage is a game-changer both for nutrition and life in general. For many, breastfeeding has either stopped or started to decrease substantially, and children begin to get more nutrients from their food than from breastmilk or infant formula. Extruded snacks like puffs and melts are great snacks for this group. Those go-to purees get more advanced in both ingredients and texture, and flavor profiles also start to get more complex as children develop opinions on what they like and what they don’t (and they’ll definitely let you know about them). 

Nutritional Needs 

Important nutrients for this stage are similar to other stages of early life nutrition and include: 

  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin C
  • Iron 
  • Zinc 
  • Protein 
  • Vitamin K

Considerations for Development 

  • Introducing more complex textures and flavors 
  • Snacks that little fingers can pick up themselves 
  • Introduction of animal dairy products 

Glanbia Nutritionals Solutions 


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Vitamin C & Zinc Snack Bars – Colby Jack Cheese 


Ah yes, Glanbia Nutritionals has some fantastic natural cheeses to share with the world! Cheese is already widely considered a great snack for kids3, and Colby Jack is a go-to favorite due to its mild flavor and natural protein and calcium content. This Colby Jack, however, is like the superhero of cheeses! It has vitamin C and Zinc on top of all the other good stuff to help support a healthy immune system4. Plus, cheese isn’t overly messy, so it’s an easy one for kiddos and parents to enjoy! 

Key Benefits 

  • 15% daily value of vitamin C 
  • 25% daily value of zinc 
  • Vitamin C and zinc are scientifically proven to support a healthy immune system

Glanbia Nutritionals Ingredients

Colby Jack Cheese: A Colby Jack cheese variety with a firm body, slightly open texture, and a clean odor. It has a mild flavor and is a marbled-style cheese made from pasteurized milk using a blend of white and orange curd. Annatto is added for color. 

Vitamin C: Responsible for orchestrating the human immune system’s function by supporting various aspects of both the innate and adaptive immune system. In humans, severe vitamin C deficiency has been associated with impairments in immunity.

Zinc: Essential for immunity and affects multiple aspects of the immune system3. Crucial for normal development and function of cells mediating innate immunity, neutrophils, and NK cells.2 

Deliciously Creamy High Protein Chocolate Pudding 


Pudding is basically life’s first comfort food. A higher protein, calcium-packed chocolate pudding is a great way to introduce some delight into a toddler’s diet without feeling too guilty. Getting enough protein is critical for children’s development, but getting the needed protein into little bodies can be challenging. Babies need about 13 grams of protein per day from 1-3 years of age5. This pudding provides 9 grams of protein, giving them a solid start to their protein intake for the day. Plus, it gives them 20% of their daily calcium needs. Now, that’s some comfort we can feel good about! 

Key Benefits 

  • 9 g of protein per serving 
  • 20% daily value of calcium 
  • Kid-friendly format and flavor

Glanbia Nutritionals Ingredients

Solmiko® MPI: A spray-dried, milk protein isolate powder manufactured from fresh, ultrafiltered skim milk. Solmiko MPI is a good source of native micellar casein and whey proteins in the same ratio as found naturally in milk. The product is characterized by low bacterial counts, high protein, and low lactose. It has excellent flavor, solubility, and heat stability and is suitable for use in a range of applications, both functional and nutritional.

OptiSol® 1005: A highly functional, heat-stable concentrated whey protein that allows for higher protein levels to be achieved in high heat processed food and beverage applications.


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