Shine bright with EdiSparklz®.

What Are EdiSparklz®?

The use of bright or unexpected colors to attract consumers’ attention online has created a market for colorful food and drinks that can “go viral”. EdiSparklz Edible Glitter is a solution to achieve this. EdiSparklz are colorful toppings and inclusions. They are pure sparkle and magic. They come in a wide range of colors and shapes and there are several different varieties available depending on your application.

Benefits of EdiSparklz®

Types of EdiSparklz® Flakes

Standard Colors 

Flakes are available in a range of FD&C & EU single colors and color blends. Below please see samples of our EdiSparklz flakes we manufacture .

Plant-based Colors

Made with plant-based food colorants such as cabbage juice, turmeric, cocoa and radish. Plant-based food colorants are considered exempt colors and are often considered natural colors. Plant-based color blends are also available.

Metallic Colors

Metallic EdiSparklz were created for those looking for a product that has even more shine and shimmer. Metallic glitters are made with mica-based pearlescent pigment. Mica-based pearlescent pigment is an exempt color listed in the Code of Federal Regulations.    

EdiSparklz® Flakes Applications

Thin and lightweight, EdiSparklz Flakes cover a lot of surface area and provide a bright pop of color. Flakes work well in a wide variety of applications as both toppings and inclusions, including but not limited to: 

  • Toppings on frostings and icings, savory snacks, cereals, cars, confections, and baked goods
  • Inclusions in baked goods, bars, boiled candies, gummies, chocolate confections, powdered drink mixes, tablets, and boiled lozenges
  • Within fillings of bars and cakes
  • Inclusions in compound coatings for tablets and enrobing on bars
Get Inspired

Get Inspired

Looking for something a little more unique? Check out our EdiSparklz Shapes to create eye-catching themes your customers will love!

Explore the possibilities of EdiSparklz Packets, a new and convenient delivery method for EdiSparklz flakes and shapes. Increase consumer engagement with a unique, at-time-of-consumption experience.

Looking for unique product concepts? Get inspired by visiting our Magic Showcase for various seasonal and limited-time product application concepts.

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