EdiSparklz® Magic Showcase

EdiSparklz® Magic Showcase

Get inspired with EdiSparklz®.

93% of consumers cite appearance as the most important purchasing factor, making the use of bright or unexpected colors a crucial tool to attract consumers’ attention online. Pure sparkle and magic, EdiSparklz are ideal for multiple applications and can bring a special touch to seasonal and limited-time options. Browse our magic showcase for unique ideas.

Explore our Colors & Shapes

Putting together a product concept? Explore our flakes and shapes to see what colors and shapes inspire you.

Interested in how EdiSparklz worked for multi-serving products? Learn more about our EdiSparklz Packets, a new and convenient delivery method for EdiSparklz flakes and shapes. Increase consumer engagement with a unique, at-time-of-consumption experience.

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