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FitNox® Performs

336% boost in nitric oxide (NO) from a plant-based source? It is possible with FitNox.

Pre-workout performance nutrition products with nitric oxide (NO) claims continue to be in high demand with a +10% CAGR (2012-2016) in new product growth. “Plant-based” is on-trend with 1 in 5 consumers being influenced when making sports nutrition purchases. These consumers want plant-based products that are scientifically supported, produce results, aren’t loaded with stimulants and require a low dose.

A 100% plant-based source of NO, FitNox® is disrupting the performance nutrition market. FitNox has been scientifically shown to increase NO levels up to 336% thereby promoting increased vasodilation and blood flow, and supports improved endurance. Studies have shown:

  • Fast-acting NO effects –  336% NO boost in 1 hour
  • Long-lasting NO effects – 10 hours of lasting results
  • Reduces muscle fatigue markers – Significant decrease in LDH levels with a 47% reduction in MDA levels 
  • Raises dopamine levels – Increased by 36%
  • Improved endurance – An 18% improvement in efficiency

In addition, FitNox brings many other important differentiators to the sports-performance market. FitNox allows for a small dose of 250 mg as compared to the 1-10 g of many competitors. It contains three key botanical extracts that impact vasodilation & endurance by increasing NO levels within the body without the addition of nitrates. The botanical components of FitNox are contained inside a patent-pending plant-based matrix (PNS Technology), providing a clean label solution that eliminates the need for carriers or binders and allows for enhanced solubility.

“The addition of FitNox to our bioactives portfolio provides our sports nutrition customers a highly effective, well-studied plant-based performance solution for new pre-workout nutrition product development,” says Ram Nimmagudda, Ph.D., Senior Director Performance and Wellness Bioactives for Glanbia Nutritionals. “It is ideal for pre-workout powders, tablets and capsules.”

FitNox is the latest collaboration in the ongoing, exclusive U.S. distribution agreement between Glanbia Nutritionals and Aurea Biolabs. This partnership blends Glanbia’s longstanding experience and knowledge in sports nutrition supplement development with Aurea’s strengths in botanically based bioactives.

FitNox will be one of Glanbia Nutritionals’ new featured products at this year’s SupplySide West. Stop by booth 3565 to find out how FitNox can enhance your pre-workout product line, or contact us

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