Try Our Healthy Snack and Supplement Prototypes at SupplySide West 2021

We invite you to visit Booth #3265 at SupplySide West 2021 in Las Vegas October 27-28 to sample our healthy snack and supplement prototypes showcasing on trend, innovative ingredient solutions, and formulation expertise.


Visitors to the stand can sample new Crunchie™ Milk Protein Bites in two flavored snack prototypes – Spicy Dill Pickle and Tutti Frutti. According to Mintel Global Product Launch database (March 2021), in the previous five years snacks with high or added protein grew 11.5% annually. Crunchie™ Milk Protein Bites are a novel and delicious way to deliver the high protein consumers are looking for. Our Bites are large, extruded milk protein balls ideal for use as a snack or cereal, delivering exceptional texture and a hearty crunch to a product throughout shelf life, creating a delightful eating experience. Visually appealing with consistent shape, size and light color appearance, these Bites contain greater than 74% high quality milk protein. These Bites can be custom sized and are perfect for applications where you might want to add a seasoning or coating. The two Crunchie™ Milk Protein Bite prototypes shown on stand feature Foodarom flavors (acquired by Glanbia in August 2020), and the Tutti Frutti Bite also features our cost-effective EdiSparklz® Edible Glitter for eye-catching appeal.  

Visitors to our booth can sample two gummy supplements – one to address immune support and one to address stress. According to FMCG COVID-19 Survey (February 2021), COVID-19 has made 67% of Americans, 63% of Mexicans, and 60% of Canadians more conscious of their overall immunity. A large number of North Americans have also become more conscious of their mental wellbeing (67% of Americans, 65% of Canadians and 59% of Mexicans). This creates opportunities for manufacturers to provide new product solutions. The Immunity Gummy prototype features our All N™ Immunity Blend. All N off-the-shelf blends are a portfolio of scientifically backed and validated premixes pre-formulated with active ingredients, ready to use as they are or as a starting point that can be customized for new product formulations. The Immunity Gummy is also formulated using TechVantage™ functionally optimized nutrients, which in this case are developed specifically for use in gummies with low overages, high potency, and improved taste. The Anti-Stress Gummy prototype features our NutraShield™ Ashwaghandha, an encapsulated form of Ashwagandha that is flavor optimized to remove bitter off-notes. Both feature Foodarom flavors, with the Anti-Stress one also featuring Glanbia Nutritionals flavors.

Finally, visitors can see and take with them a unique Peach Limeade 3D Immunity Drink. The peach-shaped piece features a Glanbia All N Immunity Blend and Foodarom flavors. A convenient, portable, and fun drink option, individual can create their drink by dropping the piece into 4 oz. of water. 

To find out more about these particular solutions, or to discuss other ingredient solutions, potential applications, or partnerships, visit us at SupplySide West 2021, booth #3265.

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