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All the Benefits of Curcumin but White for Easier Manufacturing

Curcumin, a key bioactive compound found in turmeric, is in high demand in applications ranging from healthy aging to sports recovery products. However, curcumin’s bright yellow to orange color can cause manufacturing challenges and even prevent its use in certain types of products. This is where CuroWhite can help.


What is CuroWhite®?

CuroWhite is a proprietary ingredient that starts with curcumin. Utilizing an advanced encapsulation process the curcuminoids are encapsulated with β-cyclodextrin, improving its solubility and stability. This also gives CuroWhite its milder taste and smell compared to standard curcumin—but with all the same benefits!

CuroWhite offers a number of advantages compared to standard curcumin due to these unique attributes:

  • Color-free
  • Milder taste
  • Milder smell
  • Soluble
  • Heat stable

A More Bioavailable Curcumin

In a bioavailability study on rats, CuroWhite was shown to be absorbed at a higher rate and remained in the bloodstream for longer than standard curcumin.2

CuroWhite Bioavailability Graph

CuroWhite® Eliminates Common Curcumin Manufacturing Issues

The popularity of curcumin has made it an important ingredient for many supplement and functional food manufacturers. However, the natural pigment present in curcumin can result in a number of challenges in a manufacturing facility. 


Replacing standard curcumin with CuroWhite can eliminate problems such as:

  • Color bleed into the next production run
  • Extensive clean up time required 
  • Staining of gaskets, filler heads, equipment and floors

CuroWhite® is Ideal for Many Applications

Ongoing research into the potential benefits of curcumin continues to expand the target markets for curcumin. Originally sold in joint health and healthy aging products, curcumin can now also be found in products for sports recovery, immunity, detox, and beauty from within.  

CuroWhite’s lack of color and milder taste and smell make it ideal for a wide range of formats, including:

See the Difference with CuroWhite®

CuroWhite is the solution you need for the manufacturing and formulation challenges that come with using curcumin. As a color-free alternative to standard curcumin, CuroWhite eliminates issues of color bleed, staining, and production downtimes for cleaning. It also allows for greater formulation flexibility, allowing a wider range of color and flavor options for gummies and other products. CuroWhite is GRAS, GMO-free, Kosher, and Halal.

Contact us today to see the difference CuroWhite can make for you.

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