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Up Iron, Without Upsetting Stomachs - A superior, more bioavailable and safe delivery of iron to the body

Bioferrin is a milk derived lactoferrin that has the potential to solve a growing consumer need for a gentler and safer source of iron.

Bioferrin Offers a Superior and Better Tolerated Delivery of Iron to the Body

Women are vulnerable to iron deficiency and 62% experience discomfort when using current iron supplements and are seeking alternative sources1. Lactoferrin is naturally iron-binding, which many studies have proven has a positive effect on iron absorption, blood iron levels and digestive issues. Bioferrin’s ability to balance the iron within the body allows for easier digestion without upsetting stomachs.

Bioferrin May Support Maximum Athletic Performance

The strenuous activity of athletes can result in the depletion of iron levels, as 18% of males and 38% of females are experiencing iron deficiencies2. Lactoferrin provides athletes with a delivery system that is backed by years of extensive research which may have a positive impact on their performance. Proper supplementation in addition to training directly impacts athletic performance levels.

Bioferrin is the superior iron balancing solution that offers a gentler and safer alternative.

The days of stomach irritating iron supplements are over. You have a new opportunity to formulate innovative iron supplements with Bioferrin.  Watch our video to learn more about Bioferrin’s superior absorption benefits and how it solves an unmet market need. 


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