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Freeze Dried Cheese Delivers Protein

New Product Opportunities

Called by some a super food, cheese is a powerful source of essential nutrients, including calcium as well as protein. “Cheese is a versatile ingredient- add it to any dish and it just gets better. We have customers seeking out new ways to incorporate cheese as a nutritional source”, said Whitney Beem, Marketing Director of Cheese at Glanbia Nutritionals.

In answer to customers seeking new ways to use cheese, Glanbia Nutritionals has launched a shelf stable, protein packed natural shredded cheese that offers versatility in both formulation and flavor.

The process to make freeze dried cheese at Glanbia Nutritionals is 100% natural and amplifies the protein using award winning cheese.  “Freeze drying, also known as lyophilization technology precisely dehydrates fresh natural shredded cheese in a specialized commercial dryer,” Beem explained.

Freeze dried cheese is not new to the market; it is currently used primarily in survival kits or emergency food storage meals. But the way it is currently used is limited. Glanbia Nutritionals, a nutritional solutions company as well as the world’s largest American style cheese maker, believes this product can be used in more mainstream applications such as nutrition bars, soups, and snack foods

Michael Levine, Product Director of Cheese at Glanbia Nutritionals said, “Currently the freeze dried food market is about a $1.4 billion a year market with 4% growth. There is great opportunity to develop new cheese products using freeze dried technology, especially given the fact that freeze dried cheese triples the level of protein found in standard cheddar cheese by sheer concentration.”

Freeze Dried Cheese

Glanbia Nutritionals currently offers freeze dried cheddar, but in the future will offer freeze dried shredded mozzarella, cubed cheddar, and cubed mozzarella.