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ovenpro rolls

More Protein in More Products

Give your consumers more protein in the foods they’re looking for. OvenPro™ provides a range of functionally beneficial ingredients that allow for higher levels…
ovenpro cake

Include More Protein without the Challenges

Successfully obtain higher levels of protein in baked goods without the challenges. OvenPro™ provides a range of functionally beneficial ingredients that allow…
growing minds

Kids & Teens – Growing Minds

Boost brainpower among tomorrow's greatest minds with these product concepts focused on providing crucial support for brain and cognitive development in kids…

What’s New in Q3 2021 Part 1

We’ve been busy! See what’s new at Glanbia Nutritionals in the second half of the year, and let’s get your next project started!

What’s New in Q3 2021 Part 2

We’ve been so busy we couldn’t fit all of our new products into one video! Enjoy Part 2 of our What’s New video series.

Simpleat™ Plant-based Meat Solutions

A revolution is on the rise...Plant-based food is moving fast and furious. But there is one bump in the road. Your consumers want less additives and processing…
bar and snacks illustration

Bar & Snacking Trends to Spark Innovation

At-home snacking has enjoyed a rapid increase in popularity since the start of the pandemic, leading to innovative new developments in the bar and snack…

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