Is Birthday Cake Flavor Here to Stay?

Is Birthday Cake Flavor Here to Stay?

Birthday cake flavor continues to show up in new food and beverage launches, proving that the joy and comfort it brings will never go out of style. Check out the latest birthday cake-flavored products—plus the history of the birthday cake.

Birthday Cake Flavor Going Strong

From Starbucks’ Birthday Cake Frappuccino to Auntie Anne’s Birthday Cake Pretzel Nuggets, birthday cake flavor continues to be a go-to option for brands seeking a bright, fun, and celebratory addition to their lineup. Its staying power comes from both its multisensory impact, as well as its associations with the happy times of childhood birthdays.

The History of Birthday Cake

Before these festive round cakes were used to commemorate birthdays, they served a very different purpose. In Ancient Greece, cakes used to be brought to the temple to honor the goddess Artemis. There were several festivals for Artemis, who was the goddess of the hunt, the moon, childbirth, and more. For one festival, a deer-shaped cake was offered, while in another, a moon-shaped cake was given.

birthday party

This moon-shaped cake, flavored with honey and sesame seeds, was topped with candles to represent the shining stars in the sky. The Ancient Greeks celebrated this festival with singing and, at the end, made a wish and put out the candles. They believed the smoke carried their prayers to the heavens.

Eventually, the Romans began to celebrate certain significant birthdays, but only among men and only in the upper classes. It wasn’t until around the Late Middle Ages in what is now Germany that children’s birthdays began to be celebrated with a birthday cake. There was a candle for each year of the child’s life, plus one extra to represent the future.

A Flavor Phenom—Vanilla Frosting with Sprinkles

Today, a yellow cake covered in vanilla frosting and topped with colorful sprinkles signifies a birthday celebration. That’s why any product—from cotton candy to cookies to milkshakes—with that birthday cake look and flavor can remind us of childhood and the rush of excitement for the birthday cake, ice cream, and presents to come.


Products with Birthday Cake Flavor

Here’s a look at some products tapping into the nostalgia, comfort, and joy of birthday cake flavor:

Birthday Cake Hershey’s Kisses

Hershey’s festive white chocolate take on its traditional Kisses candy is made with “birthday cake flavored creme with sprinkles & other natural flavor flavors.” Featuring a slice of birthday cake on the front of the package, this “share pack” is meant to be enjoyed with others.

No Cow Protein Bar Birthday Cake

No Cow’s protein bar in birthday cake flavor has a “sweet cake flavor” that makes it a good choice for addressing flavor challenges from tricky ingredients like brown rice protein and stevia. The brand’s webpage also calls out the texture (“the soft crunch of sprinkles”) and notes that “birthdays only come once a year, but this is something to celebrate every day.”

Chex Mix Bar Birthday Cake

These new Chex bars are a feast for the eyes, combining Chex cereal pieces with crisp rice, pretzels, and “rainbow sprinkles,” all partially dipped in a white coating. Chex Mix is already associated with parties, but these bars take it to the next level.

Oreo Cookies Birthday Cake Flavor Creme

Oreo’s line extensions are always a fun adventure, and the Oreo birthday cake cookie is no exception. Its creamy white filling with colorful sparkles is sandwiched between two chocolate wafers made from 100% sustainably sourced cocoa, addressing consumers’ desire for indulgence and sustainability.

birthday cones

Give Them Something to Celebrate

If you’re looking to create a product that’s worth celebrating, remember the delightful flavor and appearance of birthday cake and its power to make an emotional connection with consumers. Our Flavors by Foodarom® portfolio offers bold, memorable flavors, while our EdiSparklz® Edible Glitter can make your product sparkle! can make your product sparkle!

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