Exploring the Rise of Personalized Nutrition

Exploring the Rise of Personalized Nutrition

A growing interest in health spurred by COVID has positioned the personalized nutrition market for strong growth ahead. Here’s a look at the market—plus key insights for food and beverage manufacturers.


  • Weight management and disease prevention are the top drivers of personalized nutrition. 
  • The supplement segment is forecast to make up the greatest share within the personalized nutrition market by 2028. 
  • There is still a high demand for nutritional ingredients that support health, and it is creating an important opportunity in personalized nutrition services and products. 

What Is Personalized Nutrition?

Personalized nutrition is a growing field that uses various science-based assessments to provide individuals with targeted nutritional advice or products. These assessments are made through surveys, wearable devices, and testing kits that analyze DNA, blood biomarkers, or the microbiome.

The outcome of a personalized nutrition analysis might be a customized meal plan, a recommended supplement regimen, or even a personalized protein powder. While personalized nutrition has broad appeal, the most common drivers tend to be weight management and disease prevention, although optimization for athletes is also an important application.

Strong Growth Ahead for Personalized Nutrition Market

The personalized nutrition market is growing very fast and is forecast to reach $21.4 billion by 2028, up from $8.3 billion in 2020.1 Between 2021 and 2028, the market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 13.4%.2

North America has the biggest share of the global personalized nutrition market. However, Asia Pacific is forecast to become the fastest-growing region during the forecast period at a CAGR of 14.7%.3 Japan, South Korea, and Singapore are driving growth in the region.

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Within the personalized nutrition market, the supplement segment is forecast to make up the greatest share by 2028, surpassing $15.3 billion.4 The active measurement segment, which includes technology such as testing kits and software, is the fastest-growing segment.5

Personalized nutrition services are available through a variety of channels, including healthcare providers, wellness/fitness centers, and direct-to-consumer. Direct-to-consumer is expected to have the largest share of the personalized nutrition market by 2028 due to the lower prices it offers consumers.

What Food and Beverage Manufacturers Should Know 

One key point manufacturers should be aware of is the increase in supplement use during the pandemic as consumers looked to supplements to bolster their health. The high awareness and continued demand for nutritional ingredients that support health is creating an important opportunity right now in personalized nutrition services and products.

At the same time, both technology and data analysis for personalized nutrition are progressing quickly. This ranges from wearables and apps for health monitoring to the use of AI and big data analytics for processing large amounts of personal data and developing personalized nutrition algorithms. 

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Food and beverage companies should also note the trend in collaborations in the personal nutrition space. This includes Royal DSM’s partnership with digital health provider Panaceutics, as well as the collaboration between the Mayo Clinic and Viome to develop personalized diets for patients with obesity and other conditions. Nestle Japan has teamed up with two DNA labs to develop personalized nutrition services to seniors.

Personalizing with Nutritional Ingredients 

Food and beverage companies interested in the growing opportunity in personalized nutrition products can explore custom nutrient premixes as a strategy for creating the personalized solutions consumers are looking for. Custom nutrient premixes can be designed to fill nutrient gaps, support weight management, or address concerns such as heart or bone health.

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