A Refreshed Aesthetic in Sports Nutrition

A Refreshed Aesthetic in Sports Nutrition

As more sports nutrition consumers seek products to help them look and feel their best, some innovative companies are moving toward combining sports and beauty nutrition.

The Rise of Performance Aesthetic

Fitness culture continues to evolve, with sports nutrition brands watching trends carefully to offer the ingredients, benefits, and formats that will appeal the most to their consumers. One shift underway is the perception of what it means to be truly fit, with sports nutrition consumers often seeking to look and feel their best on all levels. 

It’s no longer just about six-pack abs but the whole package, which means a new focus on health and wellness, including those aspects related to beauty (such as healthy skin, hair, and nails). Beauty-from-within products are on the rise, both in supplements and functional beverages. It’s no surprise sports nutrition consumers—particularly women—might be looking for products that can support all of these needs.

Innovative Sports Brands Taking on Beauty from Within

Here’s a look at two innovative brands that are using targeted messaging and ingredients to appeal to the evolving interests of sports nutrition consumers.


UK sports nutrition company MYPROTEIN has reacted to this trend by launching several nutricosmetic products. One example is Beauty Bites, sold under their MYVITAMINS brand. Beauty Bites are protein energy balls that contain real food ingredients such as dates, almonds, chia seeds, and goji berries. They are also fortified with collagen peptides, hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, and vitamin A—specifically for skin health.

energy balls

The product packaging states Beauty Bites are made “with retinol which contributes to the normal function of skin.” Other claims include high fiber, natural sugars, and 6.4 grams of protein. Beauty Bites come in portion control snack pouches in two indulgent flavors: Salted Caramel Almond and Lemon Drizzle Cake. 

In addition, MYPROTEIN offers Beauty Collagen Powder stick packs for a daily dose of skin health nutrients that can be added to water for a quick and easy drink. Available in strawberry, lemon, orange, and mojito flavors, these stick packs emphasize convenience and natural ingredients, including fruit juice powder. Each 12-gram stick pack provides hydrolyzed collagen powder, vitamin C, and a range of B vitamins (including biotin). The Beauty Collagen Shot provides an RTD option.


Another company to watch is Ringana, an Austrian company originally focused on skin care that has expanded into nutrition—including sports nutrition. While still strong in topical skin care products, such as lotions, creams, and cleansers, Ringana also offers a wide variety of nutrition supplements in capsule and dry beverage mix formats.

As a beauty ingredient expert, Ringana formulates its beauty-from-within supplements with ingredients that include sodium salt from hyaluronic acid, wheat lipid extract, melon extract, and buckwheat germ for zinc, manganese, and copper. Ringana’s beauty claims touch on refreshed complexion, firmer connective tissue, stronger hair, and more resilient nails.

woman with supplement bottle

Newer to Ringana is its sports nutrition line under the brand SPORT, including SPORT push for top performance, SPORT boost for high endurance, and SPORT protein for strength. This expanding expertise opens the door to blending sports and beauty nutrition. Ringana’s launch of a 200-calorie dry beverage mix meal replacement called COMPLETE d-eat, which includes protein from brown rice, sunflower seed, and pea, along with omega-3s from microalgae and linseed oil, illustrates the blending of weight, beauty, and wellness.

Sports Nutrition Evolving Holistically

Understanding the growth and potential of these brands is important as it provides a glimpse of a future, more holistic, sports nutrition category. The interconnectedness of fitness, health, and beauty are intuitive for consumers, making this an area likely to gain traction.
To explore this emerging area of sports nutrition products that support beauty and wellness, contact Glanbia Nutritionals and learn about the best formula and ingredient strategies. Our protein and customized premix solutions can give you what you need to succeed in this exciting new area.

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