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Supporting Cognition in Kids and Teens

While we often think of nutrients as important to support growing bodies, we may overlook how important nutrients are to the developing brain and cognitive functions like memory. Learn about the key nutrients to support cognition and some innovative cognition support products that kids and teens will love.


Great products that support cognition in kids and teens include:

  • Gummy vitamins
  • Cheeses with added functional benefits
  • Water enhancers

Importance of Nutrients in Cognitive Development

Childhood is a time of critical development for the brain. Sleep, physical activity, hydration, and especially nutrition significantly influence the brain’s ability in cognitive tasks like memory and concentration. These, in turn, are essential for learning. With many key nutrients notoriously low in kids and teens due to factors like inadequate intakes of fruits and vegetables, products formulated for cognitive support can fill nutrient gaps and help support children's success in school and beyond.

Key Nutrients to Support Cognition

Optimal cognition depends on a healthy nervous system, which includes the brain’s neural cells (neurons) and the supporting glial cells (glia). It also includes the neurotransmitters that are used to transmit information to different areas of the brain. For all the parts of this system to function in harmony, a number of nutrients are required. 

As an essential component of cell membrane phospholipids, omega-3 fatty acids are considered a major building block of the brain’s cells. Omega-3 DHA, in particular, is found in high concentrations in the brain. Choline is another nutrient critical to a well-functioning nervous system and is involved in forming neurotransmitters so neurons can communicate with one another and in strengthening cell membranes. The essential vitamins A, B6, B12 and D3 also support brain structure and function through a variety of mechanisms.

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Applications that Appeal to Kids and Teens

To develop cognitive nutrition support products that are enjoyable and appealing to kids and teens, format and taste are key. Here’s a look at some innovative applications perfect for the younger crowd:


For daily support of kids’ and teens’ healthy development, gummies can’t be beat. Compliance is high with these tasty treats (for kids, teens, and adults)! A multivitamin gummy made with Glanbia Nutritionals’ All NTM Off-the-Shelf Kids’ Multivitamin Premix provides all the essential vitamins and minerals kids need, including TruCal® for optimized, balanced mineral support of bones and VitaCholine®, a pure source of choline to support overall and cognitive health.

Functional Cheese

As a delicious and familiar favorite, cheese makes a great format for delivering extra nutrition benefits. Kids across the country already reach for cheese as a snack, which parents love since it’s a healthy snack rich in protein and calcium. Cheese fortified with omega-3s and choline can offer a super cheese option to support growing bodies and minds, satisfying both kids and parents.

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Functional Water Enhancers

Fun-flavored water enhancer stick packs in lemon, lime, orange, or a mango can offer a convenient, portable way to transform a bottle of water into a nutritious and refreshing beverage for kids while at school or during sports. Cognition sticks fortified with Glanbia Nutritionals’ All NTM Off-the-Shelf Cognitive Premix include the nutrients choline, magnesium, taurine, and phosphatidylserine—plus botanical extracts from ginkgo and ginseng. They are a perfect base for building a customized formulation just for your brand.  

Cognition Support Products: The Smart Choice

With parents becoming increasingly knowledgeable about the importance of smart nutrition choices for themselves and their families, cognitive support products for kids and teens represent an exciting growth opportunity. Cognitive health support is something all parents can get behind since they want their kids to be at their best, while craveable foods and beverages are a no-brainer for kids.

Dig into these product concepts with this short video and learn more about how Glanbia Nutritionals can support your next cognitive product for today’s growing minds

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