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Year-End Roundup: Top 5 Blogs for 2022

It’s that time of year again! We’ve rounded up our most popular blog posts from 2022 to share the year’s most exciting innovations and insights—from nutrition bar and healthy snacking trends to emerging sports nutrition science and the history of cheddar cheese!

1. US Nutrition Bar Trends for 2022

The grab-and-go convenience of nutrition bars became a lifesaver for consumers going back to work or school after the pandemic lockdown ended. But what consumers want from a bar is changing. For a growing number of consumers, weight loss goals are now playing a role in bar choice—whether it’s a keto-friendly bar or a “mini” sized bar. 

Functional nutrition bars with stress relief ingredients like adaptogens are also on the rise, and new launches of immune-support bars show that immunity is still on people’s minds. Insights from Mintel and the International Food Information Council identify the types of bars consumers are choosing and the most sought-after nutrient.

Get the full story on the most important US nutrition bar trends.

2. Emerging Topics in Sports Nutrition

Advances in sports nutrition science create new opportunities for sports nutrition companies to develop next-level, science-backed products that can give their consumers an edge. With consumers doubling down on their fitness efforts in the post-pandemic period, their interest in effective products for muscle gain, performance, and recovery is especially high.

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Research into muscle mass gain has expanded beyond protein to include potential supporting ingredients such as nitrogen oxides, carnosine, beta-alanine, and more. Pre-workout hydration and gut microbiota are also being closely examined for their role in optimizing workouts. Performance nutrition that addresses brain function and mental health is the next wave since certain nutritional deficiencies can impact focus and mood.

Learn more about the latest emerging topics in sports nutrition.

3. Healthy Snacking Trends for 2022

Rising prices and the expansion of online and bulk grocery shopping are some of the more prominent factors influencing how consumers are choosing their snacks. At the same time, consumers continue to have a strong interest in consuming snacks that are healthy. Understanding what today’s consumer considers a “healthy snack” will help brands focus on the right attributes amid the changing snacking landscape. 

Consumer research by the Hartman Group and Mintel reveals which nutrients and ingredients consumers in the US, Europe, and Asia Pacific markets actively seek out in their snacks—and which ones they try to avoid. These healthy snacking trends are supported by innovative product launches, ranging from NUT-rition Immune Support Power Squares (US) to Dr. You Protein Choco Ball with Whole Almond (South Korea).

Check out the healthy snacking trends that are reshaping the food and beverage industry.


4. ASPAC Nutrition Bar Market Trends for 2022

For companies considering selling their nutrition bars internationally, a market to look at closely is Asia Pacific—where bars with added benefits are trending in a big way, particularly in China. Though Japan and Australia are the region’s largest markets for high protein bars, China’s high protein bar market is growing so fast that it’s forecasted to take the number two spot in 2024.

Largely in response to the pandemic, Chinese consumers have developed a high awareness of foods and beverages that contain specific nutrients and ingredients that can support immunity, and they’re different from what you might expect. To meet consumer preferences, nutrition bar companies must also offer bars  with the right texture for this market.

See the latest nutrition bar ingredient and texture trends in the Asia Pacific market.

5. History of Cheddar

One snack that delivers on both nutrition and indulgence is cheese—with cheddar cheese as the most popular in 62% of US households, according to Packaged Foods. Besides being a scrumptious snack, cheddar is an essential ingredient in popular comfort meals like mac and cheese, grilled cheese sandwiches, and cheeseburgers. But back in the 12th century, when cheddar got its start, it was served as a gourmet treat at King Henry II’s royal banquets!


From the caves of England’s Cheddar Village to the world’s first cheese factory in 18th century New York City, cheddar cheese has an incredible history. Today, various cheddar cheeses are available, from Savory Cheddar to Coastal Cheddar to Cheddar Parmesan mash-ups, with consumers seeking bolder and ever more diverse flavors of cheese.

Read on to learn about the origins of cheddar, the different cheddar flavors, and what makes a cheese a cheddar cheese.

Looking Ahead

Healthier eating is trending globally, with more consumers committing to making better-for-you food choices a daily habit. This can range from added protein to smaller portion sizes to specific functional ingredients that they’re seeking. Looking ahead, the challenge will be keeping up with consumers’ better-for-you demands while still giving them an enjoyable experience—especially for snacks.

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