Add Some Sparkle To Make Your Product Shine

Social media has become a key information source for consumers who want to be on the forefront of today's food trends. With 93% of consumers citing appearance as the most important purchasing factor1, "Instagramability" has become one of the most important metrics in modern marketing. EdiSparklz® are a great way to add sparkle and shine to elevate any product. 

Take these chocolate cupcakes for example. These are plain chocolate cupcakes, but when paired with EdiSparklz® metallic gold stars it is transformed to a truly decadent looking dessert. The gold stars pop against the rich chocolate, creating a dessert that is sure to make consumers do a double take.


Light and sweet, these doughnuts get an added boost from EdiSparklz® metallic blue squares and flakes. The shimmery blue topping creates beautiful contrast against the powdered exterior, creating a whimsical treat that is as tasty as it is unique. 


EdiSparklz® Edible Glitter is a one-of-a-kind solution. EdiSparklz® are colorful toppings and inclusions. They are pure sparkle and magic. Unlike other glitter toppings on the market that are "non-toxic" non-food products, the EdiSparklz® product line are actual food products that are 100% edible and contain none of the ingredients that appear on the USA Bioengineered Food list. They come in a wide range of colors and shapes and there are several different varieties available depending on your application. 

To explore our extensive line of EdiSparklz® Edible Glitter for use on baked goods, beverages, foods & snacks, visit our new website here


1. Lightspeed/Mintel. Social media sets tone for color in the US. June 2019. 2. Insights in Marketing, How Does Color Influence Consumer Behavior?, accessed 12 2019

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