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Highlights from SupplySide West 2022

Wow, what a show! It was so energizing to connect with everyone and to experience the palpable buzz on the show floor for new business. Thank you to all who stopped by our booth to sample our latest functional and nutritional ingredients, to meet with us to discuss projects, or to simply say hello. Here's some highlights from the event.


Some of the top trends at SupplySide West 2022 include:

  • Delivery Systems
  • Sustainability
  • Brain-Gut Pathways to Wellness  

Recap of SupplySide West 2022 

SupplySide West (SSW) sparkled with dietary supplement & functional food industries congregating at Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas. This event has evolved to being the most vibrant of all ingredient events where the world’s ingredient suppliers showcase their health-focused ingredients, meet with their customers, and discuss the latest trends. 

Reported attendance was up from the previous year to a reported 15,000 attendees and 800 exhibitors. The industry came together to collaborate, share, learn, and network.

Top Trends We Saw at SSW 2022 

1. Delivery Systems

The continual evolution of delivering benefits in different formats seemed to resonate throughout the convention center. Advances in ingredient & fortification technology is driving nutrients beyond traditional supplement formats. Following closely behind the expansion of formats is efficacy and bioavailability. The days of an underdosed gummy vitamin or overdosed ready-to-mix beverage are making way for science-backed, health benefits consumers want in formats they crave. 

The leading benefit sought by many consumers is energy. Across occasions, formats, and consumers, caffeine is one of the most identifiable functional energy ingredients in the nutrition industry. However, it’s also one of the most bitter, in terms of taste. Glanbia Nutritionals showcased a 25mg caffeine gummy with our NutraShield™ microencapsulation technology to mask the bitter flavor. 
And while gummies are the clear driver in vitamin, mineral & other active ingredient delivery, a new generation of delivery formats is just on the horizon. Chocolates, oral strips, jelly beans, melts, and lozenges also received attention at the show. 

2. Sustainability 

Sustainability continued to take center stage at this year’s show. Heighten promotion around the sustainability program of the show itself was one aspect. The show was powered by 100% sustainable energy and prioritized carbon neutral vendors. In addition, many suppliers took the opportunity to highlight their sustainability platforms and how their products offer sustainable benefits to the manufacturer or consumer. 
On the show floor, HealthFocus International, a market research company, shared their insights on consumer attitudes toward sustainability. Data from their 12,000 global consumer study, presented by general manager Julie Johnson, indicated 74% of North American consumers believe the health of the environment was ‘important/extremely important’ to their overall health. 
Sustainability is a spectrum in terms of application, compared to its early beginnings in the industry. It has transformed from recycled packaging to biodiversity, sustainable farm practices, manufacturing transparency, and waste. The opportunity for brands & companies to invest in sustainability is infinite. 

3. Brain-Gut Pathways to Wellness

Research on the gut-brain axis is by no means new information in the industry. What stood out this year’s event were the products that brought life to the trend. From stress support gummies to ingredient blends, both gut health and brain health, and in many cases both, found the spotlight at the show this year. 
While probiotics are the staple of the gut-brain path to wellness, other ingredient solutions like botanicals are starting to develop research to support their impact on brain health, mood, sleep, and all things cognition. From natural remedies to relieve stress, like Natural Remedies Holixer holy basil/tulsi.

The evolution of the digestive health darlings, probiotics, is also in full swing. Following the success of pre-and probiotics is the postbiotic. Leading postbiotic, EpiCor, a whole food fermentate, supports a healthy gut microbiome and is also shown to support immune health. The growing list of options in the expansion of digestive health is one to keep an eye on in the future. 

See you in Las Vegas in 2023 

We hope you got the chance to attend SSW 2022, but if not, we’d love to discuss your next project and share our insights on ingredient trends that can help make your product a success. 
If you weren’t able to stop by our booth, you can learn more about some of the ingredients we featured in our samples including NutraShield microencapsulated caffeine or CapsiAtra gummy concepts. Our ingredient solutions can provide the on-trend health benefits to help your food, beverage or supplement succeed in the marketplace. Contact us today to learn more or sign up for our newsletter below to find where we’ll be in 2023.  

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