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Be Sure

That your gluten free oats contain less than 10 ppm gluten. That they are pathogen free. That they'll stay fresh up to 18 months.

When you purchase OatPure™ shredded oats, jumbo oat flakes, steel cut oats or quick cook oats, you can be certain that they are completely gluten free. No other manufacturer uses anything like our stringent 14-step OatSecure™ supply chain process, which consistently delivers oats that are less than 10ppm gluten - guaranteed.

Additionally, all Glanbia OatPure™ products are treated with a 4.6-log kill process that not only eliminates pathogens, it contributes to significantly longer shelf life - up to 18 months.

And they taste delicious. Glanbia OatPure™ gluten-free products are 100% Irish oats. Grown under perfect conditions, they lead the industry in quality, flavor and texture.

Glanbia has grown and milled oats for over 30 years. In that time we've acquired a deep knowledge of what it takes to ensure the integrity and reliability of our products. We've also set new standards in planting, growing, monitoring, harvesting and processing oats.

The OatSecure™ supply chain: the new standard in gluten free oats 

OatSecure is an NSF certified 14-step supply chain process that delivers total gluten-free control at every step of production, from seed selection to planting, growing, monitoring, harvest, transport and storage.


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