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Embarking on a Wellness Journey: Trends, Insights & Solutions for Food & Beverages

The health and wellness landscape has significantly evolved over the past few years.

The health and wellness landscape has significantly evolved over the past few years. Consumers are approaching health in a more interconnected way and realizing that physical, mental, and emotional health work together to create more balanced lives. As consumers have evolved, the market has evolved too. In this live event, Brian Choi, managing partner and CEO of the Food Institute along with James Stone, Vice President of Global Marketing & Insights for Glanbia Nutritionals,  will take the audience on a journey to better understand the current landscape, what consumers are seeking today vs. what they might be seeking tomorrow, and how companies can play a bigger role in creating meaningful products that can nourish both bodies and minds. Join us for this live event as we dive deeper into holistic wellness trends, insights, and solutions together!

Duration: 1 hour

Date & Time: Wednesday, July 19th at 8am PT/10am CT



This webinar is best for: 

  • Product formulators and R&D scientists
  • Brand & product managers in the nutrition space 

All registrants & attendees will receive access to our Holistic Wellness eGuide, packed with consumer insights and market trends. This guide takes a deeper look at how current trends & insights could affect the future of this space as consumers continue to pursue wellness in all forms. 

Meet Our Presenters

James Stone

James Stone
Vice President of Global Marketing & Insights, Glanbia Nutritionals

James Stone is the Vice President of Global Marketing & Insights for Glanbia Nutritionals, a world leader in dairy proteins, plant proteins, cheese, premix solutions, and bioactive ingredients.

James is passionate about health and wellness. He has completed professional training in the Ketogenic Nutrition Lifestyle, has a Sports Nutrition Certification, has been practicing & teaching the benefits of the Ketogenic lifestyle for nearly a decade, and regularly blogs about the nutrition, health & wellness industry from his website www.business-fit.org. James brings a breadth of category leadership as a brand architect, innovator & general management executive, as well as a former private equity advisor, from a range of sectors including health & wellness, home cleaning and the enthusiast automotive aftermarket.

Brian Choi

Brian Choi
Managing Partner and CEO, The Food Institute

Brian Choi is Managing Partner and CEO of The Food Institute, the leading source for food industry news, data, and market trends. Brian is also an experienced financial executive in the food and agricultural industries, having previously worked in private equity and investment banking.

Brian currently serves as an Advisory Board Member of the Rutgers Food Innovation Center and has been recognized as a food industry thought leader by media organizations such as Bloomberg, CNBC, and the BBC.


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