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Flavor of the Month: Juniper Mint

Products featuring new flavors like juniper mint stand out on the shelf and appeal to consumers looking for some taste excitement from their foods and beverages. A blend of piney juniper berries with refreshing mint and a touch of honey sweetness makes juniper mint a flavor to remember.


  • Juniper pairs well with meats and alcoholic drinks. 
  • Mint is a popular flavor in bakery items and a range of different beverages. 
  • Honey is great in oat-based items, yogurt, and tea. 

Juniper Mint Flavor Inspiration

The buzz around Tazo’s Foragers Edition line of teas put a spotlight on the flavors of nature. Tazo’s four teas—which include flavors such as juniper, prickly pear, elderberry, and sarsaparilla—represent four distinct regions of the country. Tazo’s Juniper Mint Honey is said to contain “the wild spirit of the untamed forests in the snow-capped Rockies.”

Both the theme and flavors are designed to capture the imagination and offer a chance to explore new places through a simple cup of tea. Tapping into aspirations can bring a product to life and pique consumer interest. However, consumers can be put off by flavors that seem too unfamiliar. 

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While the juniper in Tazo’s Juniper Mint Honey tea may be new and unusual for a tea, the mint and honey are comforting and familiar. This “comfort with a twist” approach—one of this year’s top flavor trends—makes it less risky for consumers to try out a new flavor. Let’s look more closely at this intriguing flavor combination.


Juniper berries, which come from coniferous juniper trees and shrubs, are known for their piney, slightly citrusy, and peppery flavor. While they're most popular in Northern European cuisine (especially for flavoring game meats), juniper berries are used throughout Europe in meat rubs, marinades, and stews. In the US, juniper is probably best known as the characterizing flavor of gin. Juniper is found in other alcoholic beverages as well, including wine, mead, and beer.


Mint is a highly aromatic, slightly sweet herb known for its bright, refreshing flavor. The refreshing nature of mint is due to its high concentration of menthol, which delivers a cooling sensation to the tongue. A favorite in breath mints and chewing gums, mint can also be found in frozen desserts, bakery products, beverages, and a wide range of confections. Popular flavor pairings include mint chocolate and vanilla mint.



While the taste of honey is always sweet, the flavor can range from floral to fruity to spicy, depending on the bee’s nectar source. Honey is popular in pastries such as honey buns and in oat-based products like breakfast cereals and granola bars. It can also be used as a syrup on biscuits, yogurt, and ice cream. Honey has long been used in teas (particularly with lemon or ginger) to impart sweetness and a warm, soothing mouthfeel.

Bringing It All Together

Blending the flavors of juniper, mint, and honey creates a unique combination of refreshing and comforting. This is not unlike the combination of sweet and salty, which provides a contrast that’s surprisingly delicious. New flavors and flavor combinations like juniper mint are key to keeping product lines fresh and engaging—and a great way to win new consumers.

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