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Fortified Water: What's Happening for 2021?

The functional beverage market continues to expand, with fortified water doing especially well. Discover the top fortified water trends for 2021 and see why fortified water is becoming so appealing to consumers.

2021 Fortified Water Trends

Consumers’ surging interest in health and wellness has put functional nutrition in the spotlight. A growing number of consumers are looking to fortified food and beverage products for certain functional benefits like energy, relaxation, mental focus, and health support. Since proper hydration is always recommended as a part of a healthy, active lifestyle, fortified waters represent the best of both worlds.

This “water plus” approach to hydration offers benefits above and beyond plain water and can meet a variety of needs. A fortified water can be water plus protein, amino acids, fiber, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals, or bioactive botanicals, for example. Science-backed ingredients are becoming increasingly important to consumers as they’re often looking to achieve specific health benefits.

Here's a look at the top fortified water trends expected for 2021:

1. Protein Water

Protein continues to be a highly sought-after ingredient by consumers—to support workouts, for satiety and weight management, and for general health. Protein water offers a low-calorie, refreshing alternative to protein shakes, often with more flavor options. A protein water typically provides 10-20 grams of protein per serving and may also include added vitamins.

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2. Immune Support

With immune health top-of-mind for consumers due to the COVID-19 situation, functional beverage companies are rising to the occasion. Propel Immune Support provides a blueprint for other fortified water brands. This zero-sugar fortified water contains 100% DV vitamin C and 30% DV zinc. 

3. Collagen Water

Collagen water represents another exciting innovation in functional nutrition. Fortified water brands featuring collagen appeal to consumers looking for beauty-from-within beverages for healthy skin, as well as those interested in joint health, such as seniors. More recently, athletes—who are aware of the essential role of collagen in tendons and ligaments—are looking to collagen to optimize mobility and performance.

4. Botanical Flavors

While citrus, berry, and tropical fruits are well-loved flavors for light and refreshing fortified waters, some brands are changing it up for a little taste adventure, as well as product differentiation. Botanical flavors from herbs, spices, and florals—including rosemary and basil, cardamom and cayenne, and rose and lavender—are becoming more widely used, especially as a complement to fruit flavors. Expect to see this trend grow in premium brands. For example, VOSS, which offers raspberry rose, tangerine lemongrass, and lime mint flavored waters, has recently expanded into fortified waters with its VOSS+ line.

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5. Sleep Support

Fortified water for sleep support is another key functional beverage trend for 2021. The stress and disruption in consumers' lives as a result of COVID-19 has many focused on healthy ways to relax and unwind. Pepsi’s new fortified water Driftwell is right on target. This zero-sugar, calorie-free beverage in blackberry lavender flavor contains 200 milligrams of L-theanine and 10% DV magnesium.

Addressing Trends with Functional Ingredients

By combining healthy hydration with functional nutrition, fortified water has something to offer everyone. Functional beverage manufacturers can tap into this high potential area by keeping in mind the most important ingredients and health benefits consumers are looking for, while delivering delicious, refreshing flavor.

At Glanbia Nutritionals, we offer the functional nutrition ingredients you need to succeed. From our functional beverage proteins, our bioactive ingredients to our All N™ Off-the-Shelf Premixes, we have the solutions to help you develop your next fortified water. Contact us to learn more.  

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