The U.S. Gummy Market: 5 Insights for Supplement Manufacturers to Chew On

The gummy format continues to grow in popularity as more consumers embrace non-pill formats that work for their lifestyles. Here’s a look at five key insights for supplement manufacturers interested in this growing segment.

Trends in the U.S. Supplement Market

In the U.S., more than three in four consumers typically take a vitamin, mineral, or supplement product, and since the COVID-19 outbreak, more than one in three has stocked up.1 Immunity supplements are booming as a result of COVID, but interest has also been growing in supplements for mental health and sleep support.2 Nonetheless, consumers cite supporting overall health as the primary reason for taking any supplement.3

While the mass-market retail channel continues to lead in supplement sales, e-commerce sales surged last year, largely as a result of COVID.4 "Natural" and "free from" are key purchase drivers and have become especially important as consumers look for natural ways to support their health.5 Gummies continue to be the preferred format, especially among younger consumers.6

Spotlight on the Gummy Market

Insight #1: Preferred format is among the top three purchase influencers.

Mintel reports that after “highest quality ingredients” and “most affordable option,” “preferred format” is the factor that most influences consumers’ purchasing decisions for vitamins, minerals, and supplements.7 The right format is more important than their preferred brand, label claims, and even taste.8

Insight #2: Gummies are the fastest-growing format.

In the U.S., the gummy format grew a whopping 44% in the 52 weeks ending October 4, 2020 (excluding private label), making it the fastest-growing format in vitamins, minerals, and supplements.9

woman looking at pill bottle

Insight #3: Gummies are the top-selling format.

The gummy format is also the largest selling format in the U.S., with a 17% market share—up from 13% the prior year.10 Non-pill formats (which include gummy, powder, liquid, and chewable tablet) make up 34% of the market and continue to grab market share as traditional pill formats decline.11

Insight #4: Gummy leader Vitafusion is one of the largest supplement brands.

Vitafusion, known as “America’s #1 Gummy Vitamin Brand,” is among the top five U.S. supplement brands, with 4% of the market.12 Vitafusion comes in after Nature Made and Nature’s Bounty, tying with Emergen-C (which moved up the list during COVID due to its immunity focus).13 

Brand Company Market Share Dollar Sales Growth
Nature Made Pharmavite, LLC 10% 10%
Nature’s Bounty The Carlyle Group 6% 13%
Emergen-C Pfizer, Inc. 4% 47%
Vitafusion Church & Dwight 4% 4%
One a Day Bayer AG 3% 16%
Private Label Various 23% 6%
Source: SPINS Vitamins & Supplements, 52 Weeks ending 4 Oct 2020. Excludes protein, amino acids, weight management, performance nutrition.

Insight #5: Gummies are the most popular among 18- to 34-year-olds.

The gummy format is popular among younger consumers, appealing to 67% of U.S. consumers aged 18 to 34 who currently take or plan to take vitamins, minerals, or supplements.14

Getting Started with Gummy Formulation

Gummies present an exciting opportunity to supplement manufacturers not currently in this space. Fortunately, getting started has never been easier. Using an ingredient supplier with expertise in gummy formulation is a way to quickly get a new product onto the shelf.


While there are many supplement ingredient suppliers, choosing one that offers the right ingredients—including nutrients and flavors for gummies—along with experience in developing winning products for the gummy market is key. At Glanbia Nutritionals, we offer a wide portfolio of micronutrients such as vitamins, minerals and amino acids, , health beneficial bioactive ingredients, and delicious gummy flavors and flavor innovations, such as berry, tropical, citrus, super fruits and StimuFlav™.

Through our custom premix solutions, we also have the ability to create a custom gummy premix formulation that meets your consumers’ needs. Whether you’re looking for gummy ingredients or recipe development support, we’ve got you covered. Contact us to get started today!


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