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For over 30 years, Glanbia Nutritionals has helped many sports & performance nutrition brands develop top-quality nutritional solutions.

Your Partner in Sports & Performance Nutrition

For over 30 years, Glanbia Nutritionals has come alongside many of the leading sports & performance nutrition brands to help them overcome obstacles, develop top-quality nutritional solutions, and ensure their products are brought to market successfully and faster than their competitors.  From new product ideas to more efficient processes, our innovations keep us and our customers at the front of the nutritional industry.  Our sports and performance solutions are designed to appeal to all different types of athletes and help them build muscle, accelerate recovery, and increase endurance.  


We’re In The Business Of Growing Brands

If there’s one thing we’ve learned by working with many of the top nutritional brands over the last three decades, it’s how to win.  To win in the fiercely competitive, multi-billion dollar sports and performance industry, it’s imperative you understand not just how to make a product right you must also have keen insight on which products are the right ones to make.  When you partner with Glanbia, you get an army of experts who work side-by-side with you to translate data, consumer learnings, and category trends into new product opportunities that will help you grow and outperform your competitors.  


We Offer World-Class Sports & Performance Nutritional Solutions

Joining forces with Glanbia means you have an arsenal of certified ingredients and best-of-breed nutritional solutions at your disposal to help you catapult your brand to a new level of success.  From our superior dairy and plant-based proteins, to our science-based bioactives, custom nutrient premixes, & flavors consumers will love, Glanbia is the only partner you’ll need to bring your product from concept to shelf successfully.


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