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Functionally Optimized Nutrient Technologies

In-house technologies used to improve the functionality of nutrients in your food, beverage, and supplement products. Our functionally optimized nutrient portfolio covers a wide variety of categories including vitamins, minerals, botanicals, amino acids, sweeteners, carbohydrates, fats (oils), acids, additives, emulsifiers, and processing aids.

Our TechVantage functionally optimized nutrient technologies provide optimizations in the areas of color/clarity, flavor/taste, stability, dispersibility/flowability, homogeneity, and compression.

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NutraShield™ Micronencapsulations

NutraShield microencapsulated nutrients have a protective coating called a matrix applied around the nutrients core. The matrix keeps the active ingredient locked in and stabilized.

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Microencapsulation transforms nutrients in a variety of ways to improve functionality, including masking odors and flavors, improving stability, controlling color intensity, converting oils to powders, and delaying the release of nutrients. These ingredients are commonly used in dietary supplements, bars, cereals, snacks, powder drink mixes, beverages, infant nutrition, and medical foods, to name a few. Methods used include core and shell encapsulation and matrix encapsulation.

NutraShield nutrients are available in these categories:

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Powered by NutraShield™ Technology  
Functionally Optimized High Concentrated Ashwagandha

Optimizing KSM-66 Ashwagandha with our NutraShield Technology, we have utilized the powder extract as a carrier of the flavor masker during an encapsulation process. This provides additional support and protection when including in a formulation that contains other vitamins and minerals that have off notes and allows for a higher ashwagandha inclusion rate to be obtained in products to meet efficacy dose requirements.

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NutraShield Triple Layer Caffeine

Functionally Optimized Caffeine for Higher Inclusion Levels and Superior Taste

Caffeine has a very undesirable taste which makes it difficult to include at large dose levels within products. Encapsulating the nutrient in the flavor masker provides protection during challenging processing conditions (heat and shear), as well as stops ingredient interactions once in the final product format. The ability to obtain up to a 5x loading increase in caffeine levels is possible.

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GranulPlex™ Granulations

GranulPlex granulated nutrients are formed through creating single particles from multiple small and large particles. 

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Granulation allows for improved instantization, providing a significant improvement in dispersibility. It also allows for a better performing compressible powder. The result is a free flowing powder that allows for uniform fill in the dies and its cohesive properties promote tablet hardness and minimizes friability. Ideal for use in supplement tablets, chewables and effervescents. 

GranulPlex nutrients are available in these categories:

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GranulPlex Directly Compressible Solutions

Functionally Optimized Compressible Powders for Better Performing Tablets

Compressible solutions designed for use as a diluent in the production of high-quality chewables, tablets and effervescents. They provide desired organoleptic qualities and cohesive properties to promote tablet hardness and minimize friability, and promote the flow of powder in the hopper and uniform fill of dies.  

UniTrit™ Triturations

UniTrit triturated nutrients are standardized on a carrier for homogeneous delivery of nutrients.

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Trituration allows for easier distribution in the final blend and for ease of scaling. Triturated Nutrients can be customized to any level of active to carrier ratio or percentage. The process assures correct dosage and prevention of costly overages and errors. Ideal for dietary supplements and foods.

UniTrit nutrients are available in these categories:

TechVantage Nano-Free Solutions

Our nano-free solutions provide similar functionality to their nano-based counterparts but are free-from particles that might be of concern to consumers, offering a cleaner label solution to include in your formulation.   

Our Solution

The use of Nanotechnology has grown significantly within the food and supplement space.1,2,3,4,5

  • Nanoparticle’s extremely small size and high surface area are associated with their greater strength, stability and chemical and biological activities. 
  • Nanotechnology enables the development of novel materials with a wide range of potential applications. 
  • The food and supplement industries often utilize this technology to develop solutions that improve color, texture, flavor, and enhance absorption or bioavailability.
  • The health impact of these nanomaterials in foods and supplements has become of interest to consumers. 

Our solutions are free-from:

  • SiO2
  • TiO2
  • TCP
  • BHT

Application Spotlight

The TechVantage…Advantage

Nutrients that perform at their best and improve your manufacturing.

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Tablets, Chewables, Effervescents, and Capsules

Our Effervescent System vs. Standard

Our Quick Dissolve Tablet Solution vs. Standard


Cold Form and Baked Bars

1. Kessler, R. 2011. “Engineered Nanoparticles in Consumer Products: Understanding a New Ingredient.” Environ Health Perspect 119(3):A120–A125.  
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5. Oberdorster, G et al. 2005. “Nanotoxicology; An Emerging Discipline Evolving from Studies of Ultrafine Particles.” Environ Health Perspect 113:823–839.






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