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EdiSparklz® Confection Applications

For a bright pop of color that catches the eye.

Create Colorful, Eye-Catching Confections with EdiSparklz®

Social media has become a key information source for consumers who want to be at the forefront of today’s food trends. With 93% of consumers citing appearance as the most important purchasing factor1, “Instagrammability” has become one of the most important metrics in modern marketing. This has led to a market focused on the use of bright or unexpected colors to attract consumers’ attention, especially for seasonal and limited-time-only products (LTOs). EdiSparklz are the solution to achieve this. 

EdiSparklz® Benefits for Confection Applications

edisparklz chocolate

EdiSparklz® Edible Glitter Are the Ideal Solution for Creating Bright and Colorful Candies your Customers Will Love

Thin and lightweight, EdiSparklz flakes and shapes are versatile toppings and inclusions that provide a bright pop of color for a distinctive look. They contain no sugar and do not contribute added calories. EdiSparklz are:

  • Colorful and easy to use to create colorful products
  • Compliant with U.S.P., N.F., and F.C.C. specifications
  • Certified Kosher and Halal
  • Heat resistant to 450°F, and will not melt or bleed
  • Ideal for inclusion in chocolates, boiled candy, gummies, fillings and pan coatings as well as toppings

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1. Insights in Marketing, How Does Color Influence Consumer Behavior?, accessed 12 2019 2. Glanbia Nutritionals U&A Survey, 2021.

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