Bakery Ingredients

With over 80 years of experience in bakery formulation, Glanbia Nutritionals’ unique bakery solutions and technical expertise bring you unmatched functional and nutritional advantages.

Our line of coated functional bakery ingredients are manufactured utilizing microencapsulation technology. Microencapsulation is a process by which we apply a protective coating called a matrix around a small particle called the core or active. The matrix keeps an active ingredient locked in and stabilized until the release of the material is desired. The coating matrix melts only during the baking process, releasing the functional component prior to completion of the bake.

Ascorbic Acid 50% Coated 

Coating the ascorbic acid slows down its release during mixing to prevent over-aging of the dough, of particular importance in retarded and frozen doughs. 

Citric Acid 85% Carnuba Organic 

Encapsulated citric acid improves shelf life with reduced reactivity. Perfect for organic products. 

Coated Sorbic Acid 50%

Encapsulated sorbic acid prevents sorbic acid from interfering with yeast activity. Other concentrations include Coated Sorbic Acid 70%  and Coated Sorbic Acid 85%.

Encapsulated Sodium Bicarbonate 70% 

Coated sodium bicarbonate is designed for use in frozen and refrigerated doughs, batters, microwave products, and mixes. The encapsulation of sodium bicarbonate delays carbon dioxide release ensuring more volume and tighter texture. 

Encapsulated Citric Acid 85% 

Encapsulated citric acid lowers product pH and increases shelf life stability. Each gram of product contains 0.85 grams of citric acid.  

Fumaric Acid 85% 

Our encapsulated fumaric acid produces tortillas with improved opacity, resilience, size, and shelf life. The coating prevents the acid from affecting dough properties until released by the heating process.

Glucono Delta Lactone 85% 

Encapsulated GDL is designed for applications where a delayed reaction of leavening acid is needed.

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