Bakery Ingredients

With over 80 years of experience in bakery formulation, Glanbia Nutritionals’ unique bakery solutions and technical expertise bring you unmatched functional and nutritional advantages.

Our Specialty Bakery Ingredients don’t fit neatly into any other category, so we’ve given them a category of their own. The ingredients listed here help with a variety of functional benefits before and during the baking process.


Ascorbitabs provide ascorbic acid in an easy to use tablet form. Ascorbic acid in combination with other “dough improvers” acts to increase mix and proof tolerance and loaf volume, and to improve crumb structure. These tablets are designed to resist breakage when handled yet disperse rapidly in water.


Cystabs provide l-cysteine in an easy to use tablet form. L-cysteine is a reducing agent and functions to decrease mixing time and improve the extensibility and machining of dough. These tablets are designed to resist breakage when handled yet disperse rapidly in water.

Hi Lec 50

When used in the production of bread and rolls, lecithin is an excellent “natural” emulsifier used to create a stronger dough. Lecithin also functions to increase gas retention, giving better strength, volume, and symmetry of both yeast-raised and chemically leavened baked goods. There will be a noticeable improvement in machinability and extensibility. Lecithin is functional in increasing and sustaining the softness of the finished baked goods, helping to increase shelf life. Hi Lec 50 is a convenient source of lecithin, designed to maximize the desired effects of lecithin while at the same time eliminating the inconvenience and waste associated with scaling-off liquid lecithin, saving the baker time and money. Hi Lec 50 is especially useful as an emulsifier in whole grain doughs and “clean label” baked goods where “natural” ingredients are critical to the labeling of the finished baked goods. Also available for organic formulations.

Perfect Grain™ WWB

Perfect Grain is a blend of micronized white wheat bran and full-fat germ. The product has been developed for use in reconstructed whole-wheat doughs, allowing the production of soft, fine-grained whole-wheat baked products. Perfect Grain demonstrates low water retention and little to no organoleptic perception of bran particles. Also available in red wheat.

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