Bakery Ingredients

With over 80 years of experience in bakery formulation, Glanbia Nutritionals’ unique bakery solutions and technical expertise bring you unmatched functional and nutritional advantages.

Our Mold Inhibitors are designed to inhibit mold growth in yeast raised products without affecting yeast growth. Our mold inhibitor lineup includes both traditional and clean label mold inhibitors.

Calcium Proprionate 

Our encapsulated calcium propionate 80% is a free-flowing white powder. Each gram of encapsulated material contains 800 mg of calcium propionate.

Coated Sorbic Acid 

Sorbic acid is encapsulated to prevent sorbic acid from interfering with yeast activity. The coating melts only during the baking process, releasing the sorbic acid prior to completion of the bake. Coated sorbic acid Inhibits mold growth in yeast raised products. Available in other several concentrations, including 50%, 70%, and 85%.

Long Life Parve 

An all-natural mold inhibitor for yeast-raised products derived from the controlled fermentation of corn syrup or the fermentation of wheat starch depending on the variety. Also available in a certified gluten-free formulation.

Natural Mold Inhibitor OWS2 

A blend of organic whole wheat flour and cultured organic wheat starch, designed to increase the mold-free shelf life of natural and organic baked products.

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