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A Look at the US Supplement Market Outlook for 2022

Some shifts are underway in the US supplement market as consumers continue to prioritize health and wellness in the wake of COVID. Supplements for immunity and stress support, along with growth in e-commerce and gummy formats are just a few of the 2022 US supplement trends to watch.


Current trends in the US supplement market include:

  • The growing popularity of immune health products
  • An increased demand for products that support mental health and sleep 
  • Gummy supplements

US Supplement Market Overview

The $33.7 billion US retail vitamin, mineral, and supplement market is forecast to grow at a CAGR of 3-4 percent from 2020 to 2025.1 Concerns about the COVID pandemic have inspired countless consumers to turn to vitamins, minerals, and supplements for health and wellness support, with more than three out of four US consumers now using these products.2

The top five companies in the category account for 18 percent of the branded market, while private label accounts for 8 percent.3 Mass market retail is the leading sales channel for vitamins, minerals, and supplements and will continue to hold the top spot through 2022. However, the rapid growth in e-commerce for supplements during the COVID lockdown marks an important shift since many consumers are likely to hang on to this new habit.

Immune Support Products Fastest Growing

While the most common reason US consumers are using a vitamin, mineral, or supplement is to support overall health (61 percent),4 the breakdown of sales growth in the category shows immunity is top of mind. Cold/flu/immunity products led in category growth last year, up 70 percent compared to less than 10 percent the year before.5


Immunity trends will continue to influence food and supplement markets globally as consumers seek out immunity products to hedge against new COVID variants. Probiotics and fermented ingredients are especially popular, with more diversification expected going forward. In addition, more consumers are becoming aware of the important role of prebiotics. Postbiotic products for immunity are still niche, but recent patents indicate growth potential.

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Global Immunity Trends for 2022 and Beyond

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Mental Health and Sleep Supplements Trending

Consumers have also been turning to supplements for mental health and sleep support to help manage stress associated with the pandemic. Sales in supplements for mental health/mood/stress grew by nearly 30 percent last year, while sleep support sales rose by almost 40 percent.6

A wide variety of ingredients are being featured in mental health and sleep support products, ranging from vitamins and minerals to adaptogens to CBD. Recent research into the gut-brain connection will also influence this segment. Nearly one in three US consumers say they are interested in digestive health products that can also improve mental health.7

Gummy Most Popular Supplement Format

The gummy format grabbed another 4 percent market share last year to reach 17 percent market share of branded vitamins, minerals, and supplements, making it the top selling format, just ahead of tablets (at 16 percent).8 Sales of gummies grew 44 percent more than twice the rate of the next fastest growing formats, powders and chewables.9

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The growing popularity of non-pill formats makes this one of the key supplement trends to watch going forward. While health benefits may motivate consumers to buy a supplement, a fun and flavorful format option can influence which product they choose. An enjoyable format like a gummy also solves the problem of pill fatigue and improves compliance.

Succeeding in Supplements

Understanding consumers' evolving needs is essential to succeeding in the supplement market. Things are changing fast, with consumers seeking out new health and wellness benefits, ingredients, and formats. Companies that keep up with the most important supplement trends can address consumers’ top concerns and help support a lifetime of health and wellness.

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