US Supplement Market Outlook

A Look at the US Supplement Market Outlook for 2020

Supplement manufacturers and distributors have reasons to be hopeful about the future despite some persistent challenges, according to Mintel market research.

The $24.5 billion U.S. vitamin, mineral, and supplement market is going strong, but a few key challenges remain, reports Mintel.1 Explore the current state of the industry—including the top category players, most in-demand health benefits, favorite formats, and more!

U.S. Supplement Market Overview

Mintel assessed the vitamin, mineral, and supplement market at a healthy growth rate of 5.1 percent for 2018, but advised that manufacturers could drive additional growth by emphasizing specific product benefits and addressing trending health issues. Taking steps to boost online presence was another top recommendation.

According to SPINS data,2 the leading five companies in the category have 37 percent of the market, and 25 percent of market share is private label. Consumers’ interest in value remains a challenge to sales growth, as well as a reported lack of understanding of supplements in general. While supplement consumers have specific health benefits in mind when they purchase supplements, they often have incomplete knowledge of other health benefits that can be obtained from them.

Top Health Benefits Sought by Supplement Users

To understand which health benefits supplement consumers are after, the results from Glanbia Nutritionals’ Supplement Survey3 offers some useful insights. The health benefits rated as the most important by U.S. supplement consumers are: 

  • General health (55 percent)
  • Heart health (37 percent)
  • Healthy aging (32 percent)

Of these sought-after benefits, only one (heart health) is condition-specific. This may indicate an important opportunity for supplement manufacturers to educate consumers on other condition-specific benefits that supplements can provide. This communication could include the prevalence of certain conditions, the fact that supplements are available to address them, and information concerning how particular ingredients work in the body. 

gn supplement infographic

Consumers Want More Information on Supplements

The survey also explored health benefits about which consumers felt they didn’t know much. Results showed that the health benefits supplement users wanted more information on are:

  • Brain and cognitive health (32 percent)
  • Mental health (27 percent)
  • Sleep support (22 percent)
  • Healthy aging (22 percent)
  • Eye health (21 percent)
  • Heart health (18 percent)

It is no surprise that health benefits pertaining to brain function are at the top of the list. This trending area covers a wide spectrum that includes memory, focus, and mood, as well as support against certain degenerative diseases. Consumers also showed an interest in learning about supplements to help them sleep better and to keep their eyes healthy. Furthermore, the survey results indicate that consumers could use additional education on supplements for healthy aging and heart health.

US Supplement Market Outlook gummy supplements glanbia nutritionals

Favorite Formats for Supplements

Desired health benefit may be the primary driver of consumer supplement purchases, but format also plays a role. According to SPINS data, non-pill formats now make up nearly a third of the U.S. supplement market. The proliferation of chewables and gummies meets the demand for fun, flavorful supplement options (especially important for kids’ products), while powders and liquids provide additional flexibility for supplement users.

Succeeding in Supplements

Glanbia offers supplement solutions to support general health, healthy aging, heart health, and more! Contact Glanbia to learn about the best nutrient and ingredient blends to meet your consumers’ needs. 


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