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Top 5 Supplement Trends for 2023

Innovation is going strong in the supplement category. Explore 2023 supplement trends—from sleep aids for gamers to the fastest-growing ingredients.


  • Immune health claims and ingredients lead globally.
  • The fastest-growing ingredients are linked with immune, bone, and mental/cognitive benefits.
  • The gummy format is growing in more than just vitamins.
  • Gamers are a new target segment for sleep supplements.
  • Consumers value the personalization that supplements provide.

New Product Development Strong in Supplements

The supplement market has seen a flurry of activity, with new product launches doubling globally since 2017.1 The drive toward better health and wellness is providing supplement brands with new opportunities to meet consumers’ needs—particularly through ingredients, claims, and formats.

The 2023 Supplement Trends to Know

Here’s a look at the top supplement trends for 2023 to see how brands can connect with today’s health-focused consumers:

1. Immune Health

For nearly half (48%) of consumers globally, the main reason for taking supplements is to boost immunity, reports Innova.1 Brands have been very responsive to this need. Immune health is the top claim in new supplements, with one in three supplement launches making this claim last year (up from one in four in 2018).2 

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Navigating Immune Claims Post-Pandemic

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Innova also found that compared to supplement launches overall, there has been greater use of berry and cherry flavors in immune health supplements.3 Whether supplements are chewable or drinkable, flavor remains an important part of the consumption experience.

2. Top Supplement Ingredients

With consumers’ strong focus on immunity, it may be no surprise that vitamin C is the leading ingredient in global supplement launches. More than a quarter of 2022 new supplement launches contained vitamin C.4 

However, the fastest-growing ingredients in supplements are L-theanine (CAGR +102%, 2017-2022), zinc gluconate (+89%), and magnesium citrate (+82%).5 Zinc gluconate is also considered an immune-healthy ingredient, while magnesium citrate targets bone health, and L-theanine is used in products for focus and calming.

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3. Gummy Vitamins

The gummy format continues to gain ground, growing in supplement launches globally at a CAGR of 54% during the past five years.6 This enjoyable format is expanding beyond vitamins to a variety of supplements—most recently mood and stress support gummies. 

The top positioning for recent gummy supplement launches is immune health at 38%, followed by brain/mood health (23%), skin health (21%), energy/stamina (21%), and children’s (18%).7 Fruit-based flavors make up the top five flavors in new gummy launches, with strawberry and orange in the lead.8

4. Sleep Support

Interest in sleep support supplements rose during the pandemic as disrupted routines and stress made quality sleep a challenge for many. With the pandemic behind us, brands have been exploring other consumer segments that could benefit from sleep support. The latest one: gamers.

The frequent use of energy drinks during gaming, along with blue light exposure from computers and TV points to a real need for sleep support products for this segment—for recovery, performance, and general health.

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Embarking on a Wellness Journey: Trends, Insights & Solutions for Food & Beverages

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5. Personalization

As more consumers reflect on how best to support their specific health and wellness needs, expect more to turn to supplements since they allow for a personalized approach to self-care. Based on consumer studies, Innova identifies personalized health assistance as a key driver of supplement use.9

When consumers were asked why they might prefer to take supplements rather than rely on nutrition from foods and beverages, 28% agreed they can combine supplements tailored to their needs, while 26% agreed it’s a faster way to assimilate essential nutrients.10 

Supplement Solutions for Every Need

Consumers’ interest in health and wellness has made this an exciting time for the supplement industry. Innovation is more important than ever to meet today’s needs, ensure engagement, and win loyal consumers. 

At Glanbia Nutritionals, we offer a wide variety of ingredients to help you rise to the challenge—including immune supporting bioactive ingredients, a complete line of micronutrients (vitamins, minerals, and more), plus our TechVantage™ solutions for gummies.

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