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Top 5 Supplement Trends for 2022

With the pandemic spurring interest in personal health and wellbeing, more consumers are turning to supplements to address their top concerns. Explore the supplement trends ahead for 2022.


Take a look at some upcoming trends in supplements:

  • Immune health ingredients
  • Mental health support
  • Sleep support
  • Gummy vitamins
  • Personalization

Consumers More Health-Focused Since COVID

There’s no doubt the COVID pandemic has increased consumers’ interest in their health. And while consumers’ concerns have been deescalating since the early days of COVID, research shows personal health and wellbeing remain a top COVID-related concern. Among those concerned about COVID, two out of three indicate concern over their health and wellbeing, just after the health and wellbeing of loved ones and the impacts of COVID on the economy. Consumers cite concerns over both physical and mental health.2

Since the COVID outbreak, more consumers have been turning to supplements to support their health. In 2020, supplement sales were up 11.6% in North America, 5.0% in EMEA, and 2.4% in Asia Pacific over the prior year.3 To understand if these new habits might have staying power, Glanbia Nutritionals surveyed supplement users in the U.S., where sales increased the most. The majority (79%) indicate they expect to maintain their current supplement usage once life returns to normal.4

Top Trends Ahead for 2022

To meet the needs of these health-conscious consumers, it’s important that supplement brands have a good understanding of consumers’ most pressing health concerns, as well as what they’re looking for in a supplement. Here’s a look at insights on the top supplement trends for 2022:

1. Immunity

Interest in immunity will continue to be strong going into the new year. Most of the growth in the U.S. supplement market during 2020 was estimated to be from cold/flu/immunity supplements,5 and the buzz around emerging COVID variants will make immune-support ingredients like vitamin C, vitamin D, zinc, and probiotics a continued priority for consumers. 

2. Mental Health and Mood

Among consumers who say they’ve become more concerned about their health and wellness since the COVID outbreak, nearly half (47%) are concerned about mental health, making mental health the number two health concern.6 Supplements currently in the market targeting mental health support include ingredients such as adaptogenic blends and CBD and contain messaging around total mind-body support, stress relief, and mood-boosting.

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3. Sleep Support

COVID has led to major changes in people’s routines, impacting everything from eating habits to physical activity to digital technology usage. These changes, combined with heightened stress, which has made quality sleep elusive for so many have been termed “COVID-somnia.” Since sleep impacts overall health, including immunity and mental health, sleep supplements represent a key opportunity.

4. Gummies and Enjoyable Formats

Although most (58%) of last year’s global vitamin, mineral, and supplement launches were in traditional capsule and tablet formats, chew/gummy formats are gaining traction.7 Enjoyable alternative formats can help engage the whole family and greatly improve compliance. Some new appealing supplement formats include Healthy Care’s Jellee+ jelly sticks (Australia) and Calbee’s Nyumin orange-flavored sublingual strips (Japan).

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5. Personalization

As more consumers reflect on how best to support their specific health and wellness needs, expect personalized supplements to be a particularly appealing solution. As a technology-driven approach that often incorporates online surveys, personalized supplements also fit well with the trend in online shopping. Brands like Nourished and Persona even offer personalized supplements for kids.

Supplement Solutions for Every Need

Now is an exciting time for the supplement industry. The increase in health awareness due to COVID is making innovation more important than ever to meet today’s needs, ensure engagement, and win loyal consumers. In addition, the supplement industry has an unprecedented opportunity to support consumers’ health and wellness at this critical time.

Learn more about our supplement solutions—including our custom premix solutions, TechVantageTM Functionally Optimized Nutrients, and bioactive ingredients—and how they can benefit your next product.


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