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Bakery Ingredients

With over 80 years of experience in bakery formulation, Glanbia Nutritionals’ unique bakery solutions and technical expertise bring you unmatched functional and nutritional advantages.

Our Dough Improvers are designed to provide the sustained activity necessary for a wide range of applications and processes.

Ascorbic Acid 30 Organic 

The oxidizing action of ascorbic acid in combination with other “dough improvers” acts to increase mix and proof tolerance, loaf volume, and to improve crumb structure. Formulated for use in organic products.

Do Con® Series

Formulated to be a concentrated dough conditioner, the Do Con Series combines a dough improver and a dough strengthener to increase water absorption and maintain dough machinability. Available in bulk or Sol-U-Pak® dough soluble packets for ease of use.


OvenSpring is an oxidizing and conditioning system for yeast-raised dough systems, and particularly rolls. In processing, OvenSpring enhances machinability and tolerance, and in finished products, it provides an improved volume and a tighter crumb structure. Our range of OvenSpring products include formulations designed for traditional baking, clean label baking, and organic baking. Oven Spring can be supplied in bulk, Sol-U-Pak® dough soluble packets or tablets.  

Relax-A-Do™ Enzyme Softener

Functions as a dough conditioner to decrease mixing time and improve dough extensibility. They are supplied in Sol-U-Paks® for dosage accuracy and ease of use.

Soft n’ Mighty™

Soft n’ Mighty combines lecithin, enzymes, and ascorbic acid to function as a dough conditioner for bread and roll products. Perfect for clean label applications. The Soft n’ Mighty product line includes formulations designed for clean label baking and organic baking.






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