Anti Ageing

Giving Aging the A-OK

Baby Boomers want products that reinforce their desire to age healthfully.

To look at diet and exercise product marketing is to see an endless parade of items designed to live well, look good — and hold onto youth. But with more Baby Boomers than ever engaged in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and not looking to turn back the clock, savvy marketers are turning their attention toward “active aging,” and how to get their goods in front of this well-informed and well-heeled audience.

A recent column by Food Technology magazine’s Linda Milo Ohr took a look at healthy aging, which the Merck Manual summed up as the postponement of or reduction in the undesired effects of aging.  Rather than covering up age, products that promote a healthier, longer life in a positive way are what Baby Boomers seek now, says Niki Carnell, category strategy manager, supplements, at Glanbia Nutritionals, who lent her expertise to the piece. 

“Products labeled as ‘anti-aging’ are decreasing,” Carnell says. “In line with higher consumer education, consumers aren’t interested in the ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to supplements.”

Today’s 50+ cohort is healthier and wealthier than their predecessor generations, and as of now, they generate 51 percent of all U.S. spending. They want unique health and wellness supplements for many issues:

  • Inflammation, where Glanbia’s CuroWhite is a strong performer for those who seek Curcumin as an anti-inflammatory agent,
  • Muscle Maintenance enhanced by the muscle protein synthesis triggered by Glanbia’s PepForm Leucine and PepForm BCAA  and
  • Cognition, and
  • Eye Health.

To learn more about Glanbia’s full line of supplements that promote active, healthy aging, contact us today or explore our bioactive solutions here.

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